Writer :Hi public.

Public:Hi writ…..(realising something amiss)Oh wait a minute. Wheres the salmon hued blog we’ve grown so accustomed to?

Writer: I’ll answer that with a question. Do you like pink?

Public 1: I dont like salmon.

Public 2 : Ehem. The point we’re all here is to express , our collective astonishment and dissatisfaction of you not even writing mere morSELS OF PIECES LATTERLY!!!.

(Regaining composure).You’re losing it buddy.

Writer: ( A picture of poise ) I’m telling you, its the salmon factor.Makes you want to puke. Puts me off. How can desire or motivation or energy fit in after that? Bah.

I’ll assure you that I definitely still have it in me. Ideas are aplenty!—my life might just be a bore lately but around us, theres certainly so much to pick on ( same sarcastic tone when people dont realise the obvious). And i’m thinkin’ ,maybe I’m going through THAT process we all lovingly called moving on.

Public: Oh. Like the McDonalds transition to Nandos kindof thing.

Writer: yeah, yeah,yaaa… Like changing from beg tarik Swan to Nike backpacks. You just grew over stuff.

One day i decided that i had grown over salmon-eish blog and the calling to move on to more sophisticated ventures had never been louder. External factors do count, as legions of peers had since left FriendsterBlogs for greener blogging pastures and found a place green enough to settle for at Blogspot.

Ah. Such things that i succumb to.

Public: Natural process. Hm, this place sure looks nature-ly (looking sceptically around)……White Green Yonder huh? I get it you’re paying tribute as a passionate fan yourself? Touching.

Writer: I dont unders….you mean Celtic? No, no,no.The colours purely incidental.

Some overemotional public: I miss pink.(Tears)

Writer: Obviously I’m doing away with it but its still here for anyone who wanted to reminisce. blog kaler pink.

(Advert voice)Feel free to click on ABOUT and HERE WE GO, if you have that extra spare time.


Public: Cendol???? ( please click ABOUT for more information)

P/s: FriendsterBlogs remains a fond memory



  1. atiqahmokhtar · July 10, 2007

    yaaaay,finally!ur link was beginning to karat on my blog. update byk2, provide me with free entertainment,hee. or intellectual stimulation, whatever.

    cendol sounds damn appealing at the moment.and rojak. eaten under a tree. with a breeze blowing through the leaves.

  2. farahhanani · July 12, 2007

    cendol pulut is the best dessert apart from lai chee kang. chewy, milky, sweet, cold cendol pulut.ah.
    the stall is in fact, under a tree.

  3. anna · July 14, 2007

    hi nani!!
    i know this is a lil bit late but who cares. welcome to blogging again! dah abis cimp eh?

  4. farahhanani · July 15, 2007

    thanks for dropping by anna.
    hayyo. i finished cimp may lagi…
    having a blast in melbourne i presume?
    holiday now eh?

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