Cowered Tigers


Turn off TV with substantiative amount of violence.

Locking the room.

Deap, steady breath.


@#$%!#$%norizan^@#$$%^^*&khaironnisam??^%$#@!%!!!!!!!!( expletives accompanied by extreme kicking and stamping movement onto the poor, innocent pillow)

Its like watching one of those bad TV show reruns.

Or having subsequent nightmares three nights in a row. No, make that seven.

All that chest bursting hope, that one last sliver of faith, that dashing brand new Nike yellow-black striped jersey that i dearly hang on to had made me succumb to the we-will-finally emerge-glorious notion. I was glued to the TV screen for full 90 minutes to witness wether finally, finally, our Tigers can give a roaring performance but again, i was rendered heartbroken along with other 7 million hopeful Malaysian fans.

Our (former) Tigers gave a performance as insipid as the colour of my marble floor ( thats white, by the way).Poor crosses, loopholed defence, scared midfielders to come upfront and aid the strikers. They are anything but a Tiger. And the much-hyped Akmal Rizal was akin to an overweight Ronaldo.They are obviously not thinking while playing with an exception of Hardi Johari who may had single handedly salvaged whats left of Malaysian pride.

You know,there is losing and there is losing. If they had given all their keringat and played with exceptional urgency, we wouldn’t have been trounced badly by the Dragons. If they had became real Tigers on pitch that posses unflappable fighting spirit, we wouldn’t lose 5-1. If the scoreline was 2-0 or 2-1 , i wouldn’t have been too sore about it.

This was just…disastrous.

The fact that we are the sole co-host to suffer a drubbing while Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam all either held back or emerged victorious over equally intimidating teams had only rubbed salt over my open wound.

The Malaysia national football team is the national team of Malaysia and is controlled by the Football Association of Malaysia. It has never qualified for the World Cup1980 Olympics in Moscow.

Previously, Malaysia’s first Olympic appearance was in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. While suffering losses to hosts West Germany 0-3 and Morocco 0-6, Malaysia did beat the USA 3-0. The best years of Malaysian football were from the early 1970s to the early 1980s, during which time Malaysia and South Korea were the two main rivals in East Asia.

However, while South Korea have gone on to compete with more success on the world stage, Malaysia’s competitive level has declined. With Malaysian football no longer able to dominate even at the Southeast Asian level, local football fans have, despite the formation of the Malaysian Super League in 2004, slowly turned their interests to foreign leagues in Europe.

The team’s FIFA World Ranking is currently at the 149th spot.”

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

On the sidelines, I was at the Al_ikhsan sports store browsing for sports shoes today when i saw a few countrymen buying Malaysian new jersey kit from Nike. Ooooooh.

Now, that was quite an amazing sight, post-AFC China match. Seriously.Because i personally think that out national team’s old sponsor, Adidas, isnt precisely a gay sports brand. Yet nobody seemed to want to buy our national jersey back then. Odd timing to buy too.

Maybe its out of mockery. Their own tongue-in-cheek gesture. Besides, the Malaysian team had never failed to live up Nike’s slogan.


How very, very true.

About a decade ago, anybody would have told you that it is IMPOSSIBLE if the Malaysian football team would go below Fiji, New Zealand, Kazakhstan or even the Bahamas in FIFA’s official world rankings.

But today, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!! As the China epic prouncing will testify, we are ranked 157th in the world below those countries ( Wiki is not updated) and even below Swaziland, Bangladesh and EVEN Eritrea.

Look, I dont even know where on planet Earth Eritrea is!! not. watching. another.Malaysian. game. ever. again.

( the possiblity of me taking that back is high)


P?S: Mokhtar Dahari, huhuhu, where art thou?



  1. kourosh · July 14, 2007

    Hey!! welcome back…haha
    Like always, another nice post…hey, you better watch Iran vs. Malaysia….I’m gonna be there supporting Iran 😉

  2. farahhanani · July 15, 2007

    yeah. i’m thinking to come along and support iran too.

    malaysia vs uzbezkistan = 0-5

    i lost my faith.

  3. kourosh · July 15, 2007

    haha….if you go there, we might meet each other in stadium 😉

  4. fifa · July 16, 2007

    well,well well. i aint good at giving sports review. nor do i know what advice should they follow. yet, i think i can differentiate good games and bad ones. china vs msia? u tell me the answer. ashamed, of course. upset, definitely. devastated, hell yes. but being a malaysian i am, i cant easily switch my yellow+black pompom to other colours say, red+white, and clamouring for the teams who can do better than our tigers. i think, i better seal my mouth and sit still 😐

    personally, i dont think the withdrawal of orang2 kuat FAM is a good thing to do after all. ntah laa, if i do feel guilty or remorse, i’ll try my best to make it up then only i quit. so i can say i resign with dignity. ever heard of “winners never quit, quitters never win”? that’s what im talking about. pfft

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