Suicidal tendencies

It took the most bizarre incident to budge me from utter silence and make some noise again in the blogging ampitheatre.

All of us have heard of the insanity of suicidal attempts. One popular and arguably the most gruesome would be deliberately jumping in the middle of a train track.Guess what , i actually encountered the said incident in front of my very own eyes(hence, something worth blogging).

Well, almost.( so much for dramatism)

Thanks to modern technology and the liability reducing strategies opted by most railway system, now trains have censors that detects objects in the middle of the track and automates braking if foreign object detector flared off.

Today, some overweight , old guy ( assumed to be drunk too)was lying suitably on the metro track in an alarmingly comfortable posture with a motive still remain unfathomable. Imagine my pure horror when an oncoming train was in full speed but since his presence was flagged early by the officials, the train stopped just in time. What unfolds after that, was just pure blur of chaos. Curious onlookers, Kevlar-adorning policemen came all running and looking important, the train officials with their walkie-talkies all surrounding the incident vicinity.

Give me a yellow CRIME SCENE PLEASE DONT CROSS tape, you can bet you were watching one of those CSI murder scenes. As interesting as the scene might be, i was amused why oh why they havent even moved the guy safely onto the side. I could count at least eleven equally capable people; judging from their uniforms and their muscles that can lift that poor unconscious guy away from danger zone.Maybe noone dared to face a lawsuit. If they had broken a bone , or caused that guy a heart attack by moving him, they would certainly be in hot water.Its Canada duh, every chance to sue people and obtain monetary gain is a national pastime.

So , the novelty lasted about 10 minutes or so, but it eventually replaced by restlessness. I was quietly cursing the indecisiveness of the whoever is responsible because they havent even moved that guy away from track for about an hour now and i was very, very late for an appointment.It reached breaking point when they announced in french ( i just had to write that dont i?, :P) that there will be NO trains coming in at least for an hour.

Dammit.I was half an hour late and when i rehearsed the unfolding cause of subdue, the TA gave a disbelieving look ala kalau-nak-tipu takyah-lah-dramatik-sangat-alasan.

So, those potential suicide attempters, find a better way to terminate your life because technology had caught up with your antiques. The classic jumping off a bridge still works though. Or you could opt for the more urban version of downing 50 sleeping pills at a time. If you INSIST on dying with a train, try jumping off at the last minute, not preparedly sat in the middle of the track as if its your home mattress.

P/s. May all of you rest in peace.Apekah post ini Hanani???



  1. atiqahmokhtar · October 25, 2007


    u have any idea how faithful i’ve been checking ur page at regular intervals? haha,jk.

    that’s a pretty cool experience, sans the being late part. have they figured out why the guy was on the track in the first place yet?

    you forgot the slitting wrists method! or sitting in a bathtub and tossing in a hairdryer.

  2. aijud the engineer · October 26, 2007

    Sitting in bathtub and tossing hairdryer is so old Hollywood movie-like!!

    I learned in class that dosage of pills does not have a linear correlation with the rate at which you will cause fatal harm to yourself.

    i.e 5 panadols a day will not kill you just yet.
    But 30 will though,and the region in between is all shades of gray.

    And no,you cannot build up tolerance to overdose medication ( i.e prepare for overdose) by consistently increasing dosage each day (so you can eventually prepare/adapt your body to more dosage).The body does not work like that.

    You learn stuff like that from the process industry!hee.I also learned that the price of a can of deodorant is significantly due to the cutting edge technology of the nozzle/high pressure aerosol thingy to produce a consistent spray, as opposed to the actual contents, which costs mere cents.

    okay,that was geeky.

  3. farahhanani · October 26, 2007

    bleak post eh?
    i dont know whats got into me. first post for over two months and i just HAD to write about? Suicide.

    i reckon ure right aijud. body’s adapt. theres this franchise in canada called tim hortons , which is basically a cheap, affrodable cafe.
    i tried their coffee first time and i cant sleep until 3.30 am. Now i’m having one each day, and it doesnt work anymore. i still sleep at 9.30 p.m.
    cis. now i’m suffering from caffeine -addiction, and i still sleep early ( which can cost u much if ure in engineering).

    look what canada has done to me?
    serius aijud, i want to go home.

  4. farahhanani · October 26, 2007

    to all ye faithfuls ateqs and aijud.
    thanks for the unflagging support.
    i have to pull my blog together sooner or later.
    malulah pioneer blogger beb.

  5. abcdef · October 28, 2007

    “So, those potential suicide attempters, find a better way to terminate your life because technology had caught up with your antiques.”

    That almost sounded funny. Seriously, just because you’ve never felt depressed doesn’t mean you have to make fun of it. Depression is a disease. I know because I’ve had suicidal patients. Believe me, depressed people don’t _want_ to kill themselves, they don’t want to die, that is the only alternative they see. Sure, some people exaggerate it, but some people really _are_ suicidal.

    And please, giving alternatives (wrist cutting, hairdryer in bathtub, 50 pills) is just… demeaning. Nobody would ever think of making fun of cancer-stricken individuals, so why would depression be any different?

    [About your coffee addiction, whenever you feel the need for coffee, try drinking hot chocolate and thinking it’s coffee. I know it sounds dumb, but it works for some people]

  6. farahhanani · October 29, 2007

    abcdef: ouch. right there.
    i am deeply sorry if i’m being truly insensitive ( which i think i did)
    i never knew that my humble ranting place is being read by people other than my circles of friends.
    i forgot about the internet being a public domain.
    this post was done in a light hearted way and it serves a purpose for my friends amusement.
    when you say “that almost sound funny”,youre right, it is meant to be funny.
    you have to understand that this is a sarcastic post, with non- serious outcome that should be make out of it. it was meant to be taken as today’s tabloid than can be discarded in the wastepaper bin the next day.
    i am truly aware of the fact that depression is a serious disease, and i promise never to be insensitive again, either to cancer patients, obese sufferers, alcoholics or any other groups that have anonymous appended to it. ( i,e Alcoholic Anonymous..)

  7. abcdef · October 29, 2007

    No hard feelings πŸ˜‰

    But how’s that coffee addiction going? πŸ˜›

  8. farahhanani · October 29, 2007

    none taken πŸ™‚
    okay, now i’m officially intrigued.
    i would like to know more beyond ” abcdef” that i know about you. : ) ( the cute smileys did it)

    the coffee’s addiction is now being succesfully restrained due to lack of funds. period. when my money comes in, i might frequent timmy’s again to get some more…. doughnuts. : P

    i still make cuppa of homebrew every now and then, but i’m altering between hot chocolate and hot lemon tea now.
    it turns out that i just need a ‘study’ drink or else i’ll flip.( i HAD to have a cup of drink beside me when studying)
    even a strawberry milkshake will do.

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