Midterm infused week.

Everybody knows that Hanani ini degil.

I have multitude of academic related issues brewing below the cranium to be fret about but i just had to say this.

i need to break out of The Routine.

I’m in a uber-cool city dammit but why i havent explored all the places of attraction here in Montreal. I planned to climb up Mont-Royal but never did. That was the pinnacle of my self-embarrassment since yours truly the mountain climber haven’t even scaled the mountain in her backyard.

I need the word commitment to be fully operative in my debate related activities. So far,debating fellas that i met were awesome and i felt so proud being buddies with Sean Stefanik, one of the most admirable novice speakers i’ve ever met. He had the luckiest chance to join more experienced debaters into Hart House tournament and ran away with the top novice speaker award. Ah. l’ll trade anything for the genes.

But WHY, dude WHY am i so lazy to attend meetings. Oh wait, i have the answer to that.

I felt superbly inferior among these smooth speaking Canadians but felt gratified anyhow by the very fact that they gave everyone a chance regardless of how bad ur speech was during training rounds. I have no idea how Canadian government operates, what are the issues relevant to Canadians, and other Canadian related what-nots which puts me in a major disadvantage.

The other day when we were debating about Canadian health-policy, i felt like a first-class crap towards my partner who might had single handedly salvaged my reputation. I had zero knowledge about CANADIANS. My debating future is weak here. All of these piled up, is enough to work as an anti-motivation.

The first stumbling block was the fasting month(no intention whatsoever to be disrespectful towards the Holy Month). Training starts at 6- 8 pm and it clashes head on with my prayer time and i would never compromise that. But now, we’re entering autumn months, where maghrib is early and i should have no excuses not to attend training meetings. Gawd , all my debating friends either had at least 5 round of debates around their belt ( At either York or at Ottawa) and i have none to show for.

I am definitely going to start committing. Expect me volunteering for annual McGill High School debate Championship this November.



  1. atiqahmokhtar · October 25, 2007

    nani. get ur ass off to those debate meetings. i need someone to fill me in on the canadian debating scene,haha.good luck!let ur inner debating ferociousness shine 🙂

  2. aijud the engineer · October 26, 2007

    ooh!!!Finally an update!!!
    Hows life in the engineering world?Half the time I wish I was doing an arts degree.But since that came across unthankful, I decided to be contented with this field of study.That however,somehow felt fake.Bleh.

    Enough about me though.Ooh you’re in the debate club!Awesome!!Semangat2 okay!
    And rajin2kan diri update this blog,which by proxy means updating about your whereabouts and adventures in french speaking (francophone sp?) Montreal.

  3. aMiR · October 28, 2007

    hmmm what do you study in Canada?
    tell me then i might tell you to start studying =P

    Hi I’m aMiR =)

  4. farahhanani · October 30, 2007

    ateqs: when debate days approaches, my ass automatically gains an extra few pounds.( did u guys notice that?, i’m now speaking in terms of ‘pounds’ now, not in kilos. bwahaha.)

    aijud: updating about my life in montreal?. in short, it had been a helluva of an adventure in the beginning( i,e searching for apartment, getting familiar with the ropes of montrealeans) and a little dry in the middle( now i’m in the middle). maybe you should wait till the end ( which i calculated it would be around december) then i’ll update to the last detail.

    amir : i’m doing a geeky course called electrical engineering somehow made ungeeky because the people around here in mcgill are all a bunch of creative, intelligent, loud and drunken geniuses.

  5. anem · November 11, 2007

    i know u would do great with the debating team. go nani go!

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