I felt a tad lonely.

Might be due to the unstable hormones at those times of the months.

Could be because of the exam stress.

The mood that i’m in doesn’t sit well with me since i’m surrounded by amazing people here.

The song below might as well sum up incomprehensible feelings that i’m going through.

Screechy , yes. but heck, listen;

” …but these stories dont mean anything,

if you got no one to tell them to”

man, THAT line really nailed it.

Dear god,i miss everyone at home so much my heart aches. :’ (



  1. aijud the engineer · October 28, 2007

    honey I get that all the time!(guess who’s line this is?)

    The blues of being overseas. Longing for family,coupled with the struggle to cope and inadequacy and inferiority and self-inflicted expectations.

    But surely like the wind,it will pass. Then come again, then go.
    Hang in there.

  2. farahhanani · October 30, 2007

    inadequacy. inferiority.
    ugh. why do they even exist?

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