Most Malaysian Malaysian.

I knew its a universal fact that malaysian favourite pastime is eating , but nobody ever told me that this bloody hobby transcends the Malaysian border. And i am definitely not complaining.

Basically, the whole idea is the same everywhere else. When its time to catch up or the need calls you to hang out with friends, people flock together in a bar, drinking and eating nuts. And they stayed back late till 2.00 to 3.00 am just talking and smoking cigarettes and probably along the way getting intoxicated collectively.

Here, in lovable malaysia, instead of drinking, we eat. Malaysia is the only nation i think which is perfectly okay of the fact eating calorie-laden char kuay teow, nasi lemak bungkus or naan with tandoori when the clock already struck midnight.Those mamak stalls owners became millionares from us drinking Teh-O-Ais all night long while watching football match on the big screen. Instead of getting drunk collectively, we get larger collectively. Again , i am not complaining.

Malaysians are without a doubt, a lucky bunch. Getting variety of food is never a problem everywhere else in the world. But getting accessible variety of food is a different thing altogether. Accessible, meaning cheap and ubiquitous. Any Tom , Dick and Harry who harbours a secret urge of ..Chinese food? Thai noodles? Indian curry? Western fare? would just require to waaalk around the corner and ..tada! Gold. The chances are any roadside hawker stall you walk right in has everything. Dont even get me started on mamak and curry houses. I’m talking about hundreds of entries. Just say whatever you want to eat. Whatever. They’ll have it( although the guarantee of commendable taste remains controversial). The best part is, you dont necessarily have break the bank to satisfy that cravings. Ah, one of those things i really miss about Malaysia.

In my previous post,I wrote hypothetically about how being in a foreign land actually portray the Malaysian qualities and values more profoundly instead of diminishing it. Hospitality had been a our special trait, and this fact had never stand out so much clearer when attending Malaysian families and spending time with them in a foreign land. Instead of inviting us for ‘a drink’ as what the native people here will do, Malaysians just invite us for lunch, dinner and late night supper.Frankly speaking, they feed you like they feed a baby elephant. They feed you all day with all graciousness in the world. After one dish, came another. It also does not bother them at all if you stop for a bit, rehat sekejap, tengok TV and then continue eating for the fourth or fifth helpings of the dishes. What usually transpires, is we talk while we eat. The food keeps coming unconciously in as we talk so the masses will eventually will be reduced to morsels.

And that ladies and gentleman, aptly described my Christmas break. Nothing exciting. Nothing extraordinary. Just living the good life and enjoying the little joys of human company and food comfort. Me, friends and a good meal throughout the day.

And again this time,I am definitely not complaining.



  1. atiqahmokhtar · December 29, 2007

    hear,hear. let’s all get larger collectively.

    merry christmas(or what remains of it, anyway). and happy new year!let’s nyanyi ‘auld lang syne’.

  2. snuffleupagush · December 30, 2007

    Well said!

    I am ridiculously proud to be a Malaysian!


  3. farahhanani · December 30, 2007

    ateqs: hey kawan.i would love to go out on new years eve with you tho i’m 30000 miles away. hm . we should try it virtually. and make sure, i repeat, make sure,that i am informed if you got any placement in any uni.

    irv: well3,look what the cat dragged in. nice of you to drop by.
    ridiculous? very true. despite traffic jams, illegal workers, and unreliable KTM, we’re still stuck with malaysia. proud? not quite. bursting, overwhelming pride more like. : )
    we definitely need more malaysians here.

  4. snuffleupagush · December 31, 2007

    LOL, it was the other way around actually. I dragged the cat in lah=p

    Wawawawa. Yes, ditto on the traffic jams and illegal workers and KTM~you forgot our driving skills and time management btw.

    And who can forget out “lah”‘s lah? LOL.

    Bukan agak ramai ke Malaysian kat Montreal? I can name two at the top of my head…there’s more than uOttawa’s intake this year LOL.

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