Special Post : A dedication for my Aussie bound mates

Four of my closest friends had made the stupidest decision to come to university to become a pharmacist, a doctor, an economist and an accountant instead of becoming school drop outs, create a band, get on MTV and make millions.

At least, theyre not dumb enough like me opting for frigid Canada for tertiary academic pursuit ( and in electrical engineering for that matter).

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my best mates for 6 years and counting, let us give a big run of applause to (drumroll…) :


(left) Atiqah Mokhtar ( University of Melbourne, Accountancy)

(right) Salwani Razali ( Curtin University, Pharmacy)


Maisara Idris ( Monash University, Medicine)


Azrieal Mohd Azlan ( University of Melbourne, Economics and Finance)

If i missed anyone , send me a very angry email or better yet, drop a Howler inspired comments down at the bottom and i promised to atone for my ignorance by putting up the cutest picture i can scavenge of you guys. If its not too late, i would extend my congratulations to ateqs, sal, mai and abg azieal who made it through their daunting pre university programs and achieved their dreams. Have a safe journey, enjoy the sun in the lands of koalas and kangaroos and may you guys have a flippin’ time kicking those Australians arses. Show what we Malaysians are made of.

Insya-Allah, if the conditions are right, i might drop by. * wink*

And ateqs, remember our virtual date this 22nd Feb. Abg Azrieal , you still owe me one ( adeke pegi tido)

P/s : The writer doesn’t own a single inch of the picture’s copyright and is willing to upload a different picture upon the picture’s owner request. Will do the best she can do to replace it with a much sexier one.


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