Wizard, man.

After a neck breaking, midterm infused week peppered with an assortment of assignments flavouring from computing to calculus, i finally have this week on a much more leisurely pace.

Today is Tuesday. And this particular Tuesday is a free day. It is actually not supposed to be a free day but today i constitute it to be one much to the chagrin of my house mates. They had foreseen their Tuesday to be spent on revising for a calculus midterm on Wednesday.

I would name this Tuesday as Tuessy. When you encounter a rare, or an extinguishing species, you name them to mark how exquisite they are. And I am typing on my blog also on this Tuessy. On Tuessy, i spent my day coming in deliberately 20 minutes late for chemistry lecture.I would have loved making a grandiose entrance but i dont feel like being in the limelight today in a 200 capacity lecture hall so i reckoned i can sneak in through the back door and blend in , iguana-style. This inevitably added complication to my pure heart intention in attending the class since i haven’t got a bloody clue on where the back door to the auditorium is.

Hence, a good 5 minutes was spent skipping up and down flight of stairs and trying to distinguish the doors that all look look conspiratorially the same. I nearly hit my former programming professor who also happenned to go up the same stairs as i do but with a much mortal pace.

5 minutes flew.

Jumping down the stairway, flushing red like a pink salmon..

Girl in Orange Sweater: ” Hey farah, how’s it going?”

Farah_Hanani : ” Scurrying to class, im pretty much screwed-late, you?”

Girl in Orange Sweater: ” Oh, im meeting my COMP proffessor”

Farah_Hanani : ” Oh, COMP 202? oh, took that last sem, who are you with?”

Girl in Orang Sweater : ” ‘I’m with a female professor, do you know her? Midterm’s coming up and i have no idea what’s going on so..”

Farah_Hanani : “Oh. yes, i know, i’m with her last term, she’s really cool. Come on, you’ll be allright, COMP’s fun( secret evil laugh inside). Oh yeah, she just got in ( pointing to some imaginary direction)”

Girl in Or..( at this point i remembered her name, Amelie? Emily? Aimarie?) : ” Oh great , do you know where her office is?”

Farah_Hanani ( Mind speaking: Its Tuessy hanani, remember its Tuessy.. ) : ” Okay come with me, let me show you..”

That was another good 5 minutes.

Farah: “Hello Vinod, how on earth can you get to FDA through the back door?”

Vinod : ” Isnt it a bit too late for class now? Why bother?Just watch it online”

Farah : “Shut up, just tell me”

Clearly now i was trying to make Tuessy as not as Tuessy as possible which later i realized was an attempt proved futile.

*****Morning ended*****

Venue: Burnside Computer Lab

Time: 10.30-ish

Now, i was ready to be all productive and working hard but i remembered i still haven’t get the hang to write the syllable ‘ee’ properly yet in Tamil so i took out my paper and started to practice. If you think that last sentence was a fluke please think again. Vinod and i made a deal that he would learn how to write in Arabic from me and as a trade off he would teach me Hindi/Tamil. He’s coming together now, he can write the Persian name, “Ladan Mahabadi” less like a 5 year old and more like 12. I have no idea why he chose that name to write his first Arabic sentence instead of his own name or any other things for that matter, like “apple”, or “chair” or anything you would start with if you’ll learn the language first time. Mind you, i haven’t even introduce the alif, ba’s and ta’s yet( the arabic alphabet). So, i was feeling a bit challenged and i need to practice too. But i start with my own name. In Hindi its quite easy. In Tamil it appeared more like a garden. All curly and flowery especially the syllable “ee” for Hana”nee“. No worries, practice makes perfect

***Chem LAB ( 2 1/2 hour marathon)***

And we’re back to present time. I am typing as we speak. Tuessy was special, but living up to its exceptional tag, it has to end earlier than any other normal days. We should all be thankful to Tuessy, because of him, ( what? you think Tuessy is feminine?, no, no, he exudes all the masculinity a girl like me could ask for, save for his name maybe) i can write everything in minute detail; commas, exclamation marks and all about the going ons for the first 15 hours of my day. It is only on Tuessy that i couldn’t be bothered about the quality of the material i am writing, as this crappy post today would attest.

I ‘m gonna miss you Tuessy, but i’m afraid its Tuesday’s turn now.

P/s : The writer thinks its a jolly brilliant idea if Good Friday is to be changed to Good Tuesday



  1. kak ina · February 22, 2008

    cik adik,
    jd ke dtg vancouver nih?
    senyap je plan tu

  2. farahhanani · February 22, 2008

    kak ina: jadi kak, saya bagi detail nanti, akak online je.

  3. anem · February 24, 2008

    hehe.. die nak gak gi klas ari selase tu walaupun lambat.. sebab~~~~ jeng3x..

    haha.. kantoi kan farah! =P

    hana”nee”?? .. ok, that explains the “manuscript” i found on your study table. if i were u, i’ll learn french instead. (heh, being choosy =P)

    p/s: i cant believe i’m writing this when I actually in a rush of finishing my damn “ASS”ignment due tomorrow. God please help me. (^_^)

  4. farahhanani · February 24, 2008

    hanim : pandai2. tulis dlm BM.
    go go chaiyyok! persevere. toronto awaits us. 😉

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