In Sabbatical

Finals are next week. I sprained my ankle today .I am limping to and fro in pain. My mom hasn’t seen my face for a year now. TA’s on strike. Grass is not green. No flowers yet. What is the MIPS assembly code for the division algorithm with arithmetic exception again?

But the sun, the wonderful, Vitamin D supplying sun made its much welcomed presence. Seagulls flew all day.Smiling broadly to everyone. The sky is is SO SO blue. Espresso ice cream at Frostbite. Super focusing on not disappointing very important people in my life.

How exactly do u  prepare for life again? It is so jerky.

: )

P/s: Happy incident no #2 happening again. yes.



  1. aizuddinanuar · April 13, 2008

    You just don’t. You take it as it comes, one layer at a time. wow,sangat philosophical. But how do I prepare for life? I breathe, and pretend to be calm when I’m scared shitless.

    All the best for your finals nani! I might not know the MIPS assembly code for the division algorithm with arithmetic exception, but I do know you’re going to do A-okay.

  2. mani · April 15, 2008

    What is happy incidend #2? 😉

  3. atiqahmokhtar · April 16, 2008

    ‘how do you prepare for life?’ is surely a rhetorical question. unless there’s some life-user-manual i don’t know about.

    happy incident no #2? is this some secret code for some secret activity? either way, i hope it happens lots and lots of times.

  4. farahhanani · April 16, 2008

    aijud/ ateqs: always unprepared for life is what makes it so exciting.

    vinod/ ateqs: refer to Golden. : )

  5. pharie · April 18, 2008

    huhu.good luck final bebeh!

    dah ckp kat mak about ur financial prob tuh.

  6. megaterawispanjialam · April 19, 2008

    I think your heading should be titled: I did not WRITE this. Honest.

    Well, once a teacher always a teacher

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