Summer in montreal is relatively sometimes hot. The almost-absent sun for half a year had unsurprisingly shaped Canadians as a bunch of sun-worshippers. So seriously the extent they take their summer, the university is transformed into an open beach almost overnight. Acceptably, ice cream vendors and ice lemon tea stalls magically sprung on the sidewalks, adding much effect to the summer siesta. Really now, Ice lemon tea is the most creative they can come up with?

Back home, this is would i would do to cool off.

Well , apart from a nice cold bowl of cendol pulut.

Anyone care to enlighten me where i can find this here?

P/s: Inspired by waterfall hunts stories from Mr TMC’s blog.



  1. aMiR · April 29, 2008

    just head on south west and take a left at the equator =P

  2. kourosh · May 9, 2008

    if u figured out where to find such a thing here, let me know that too 😀

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