I want a Rubix Cube.

Nowadays, walking takes centre stage in my daily routine. 25 minutes to and another 25 back from school. Intentional really, it gave me a reason to wake up early in the morning so that i could have breakfast properly and still made it to class in a timely fashion. ( although at the moment, i already wake up ludicrously early because Fajr prayers starts at 3.45 a.m and ends at 5.30 a.m.)

Another valid excuse: walking in Montreal closely resembles the experience of attending a live exhibit of KL Autoshow . For free! With the exhibits actually vrooming !(minus the sexy models).

The numbers of handsome, sleek luxury cars prowling on the road increases in steady proportionality as the day progresses towards summer. Their presence so highly pronounced, to encounter a prowling Audi TT Coupe at least 3 times a day, stationary or mobile is commonplace. These cars will be shiny, its owner wearing RayBan shades and smiling , maybe a hot girlfriend on the rear seat- clearly happy to be set loose after all that undignified incubation in the garage during winter months.

I’ve seen plentiful of my share of Mitsubishi Evo, BMW Z4’s and 3’s , Ferrari’s , Porches S4 , really, a Merc manage to look like a mary poppins on these roads. And each time , especially if the driver happens to be of female descent, i would bit my lip to keep myself from cursing at their fortunes. Its not really a good habit; to curse everyday.

However, one specific visual encounter made me bit my lip extra-hard with some explicits mouthed reflexively:

A scooter. A careless, beautiful vintage scooter. You see, remember those pedestrian motorbikes aka motor kapcai’s and Yamaha’s and Honda’s that all budak kampung’s and high school students rode to school everyday?.They dont exist here. Apparently the Canadians agreed that it is less safer to ride a bike hence an exorbitant insurance coverage is in everyones best interest. The cost absorbed skyrockets the price tag so much so a motorcycle costs about the same as buying 2 cars. Unthinkable.

And the common scooter here looks like this, a 50cc ( i know, i laughed so hard too) Honda Jazz.

Also available in red, blue and black. I hope they give out free helmet

In some ways, i still manage to insult the weather by deliberately putting myself in a position where i am susceptible to staying indoors. A side effect inexcusable when you’re taking 2 MATH intensive summer classes . However dashing the instructor is, being Greek, blond and blue eyes and all, it remains undoubted that to finish 3 webworks in a week when everyone is playing outside is a monumental task. It has something to do with the frivolity of summer atmosphere which correlates directly to lack of focus. Not good, not good. Patutlah result tak terer.

I do succumb to peer pressure lounging out in the sun during class breaks. ( What do you want me to reply when they quip, ” Hey lets go outside ” . ” No thanks, i dont want to get skin cancer?” like a wuss?) . These brief ‘tanning session’ as my classmates would lovingly call them is a great way to amuse myself. A discussion will take place, involving all 5 of us, lounging, all just confused by the MATH instructor with bad english, with the right amount of utter exasperation and slight hint of vanity to boot , about how this God forsaken country —> their exact words , not mine, had made them lost their tan while i try my very best not to scoff too loudly, to nod my head solemnly, agreeing every word as if, squirming not to burst into a hearty laugh.

Oh haha. Haha, ha. Look at the irony. In Malaysia , whitening creams went flying off the shelf. Succintly put, i darken myself considerably these few days. The best bit about brief outdoor hanging out is that i have an excuse to finish reading the books that’s starting to collect dust in my mini book shelf.

I should thank a lot of expediency factors. Sun, shades and cool green grass. High Perfection Condition is attained almost every day. The effect was immediate, and i proudly announce i finished two of them; Freakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner and The Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers—> wicked, wicked writing this fella rocks my socks off my God. You should tell by the quirky title itself already. The next best encounter of skillful utilization of curse words so fittingly in a book context since Catcher In The Rye.

All the sunny, descriptive posture adopted, to tell you the truth i am in quite a deep pit myself. I carry around an enormous worrisome issue but watever. Predicaments are a fact of life and the best effort i can do is to kneel , pray and beg God so that prevalence would triumph eventually. Hope so. I believe in hope.

P/s: 6 subjects per semester. Fuh. Brace myself.



  1. aijudanuar · May 19, 2008

    Its true! Motor kapcai is also non-existent here. Its the law or something. Only them big ones that vroom are allowed.

    Tanning is considered dangerous in Australia, and though the fair skinned anglo-saxon decedents insist on tanning, its widely known that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer, and people are highly discouraged from tanning. They have like people on tv professing their penyesalan for tanning and they later die. Scary stuff.

    Me, well I don’t have to worry about tanning! and yes, the irony is rich!

    I’m halfway through freakonomics! I just wish I could drop everything and just read!

    Soldier on! You’ll do just fine with 6!!

  2. while whiting · May 19, 2008

    6 subjects? we’re in the same shoe. at least almost. goodluck ne..~

    i went out and look for a rubix cube (which i only know the name after i found one in store) but it’ll cost me for 20 dollar (almost). so i didnt buy it.

    carik kat ebay la. there’s heaps.

  3. snuggybunny · May 19, 2008


    nape ko kena amek 6 suject next sem??

    Ko bukan da amek ODE + 262 this summer ke?

  4. snuffleupagush · May 20, 2008

    I was also wondering the same thing as Anemot was doing. But anyway, tabahkan hati my comrade…such is the luck of us overseas scholars lol. Though admittedly, I DO get it a bit easier than all you people in the Faculty of Genie lol.

    Its a good thing to take, summer courses. Seriously. Its one of the good things about their system of education here…a system which I still find rather disconcerting and confusing after 8 months lol.

    Tak balik lah ni ek?

  5. farah_hanani · May 20, 2008

    MATH 264, MIME 221, ECSE 200, MIME 262, ECON 225, CIVE 2**( code escape memory )

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