In Which She Stumbles Upon an e^(pi/2)i Willy-Nilly-Ville

OK math people, thinking cap on in a jiffy right this instant.

e^(Π/2)*i is a valid, english word. What is it?


cos(Π/2) + i *sin(Π/2) = ……? *

Allow me to take a breather. Intensive courses and the horror of two final papers in a day back to back rendered me gutted for a bit. Probably maxed out my glucose capacity so much i felt like baking myself a custard pie. A monthly assessment of my activities could barely fill half a page. There were a lot of cases where good momentum was built up in steady pace but faltered miserably when it matters the most. A lot of regrets too, but regrets grows you, seasoned you.

This faraway land never fail to surprise. The weather behaves exceptionally like women; unpredictable at best and just like suitors desiring to try their luck, staying on guard and keeping wariness at disposal is the general consensus to avoid heartbreak.

The time, oh boy it is The Ultimate Tempest. I scorn at this particularly because it is disorienting. Now the million dollar query is did the privilege of summer manage to get into my head? A bit. Although not so much as i would have feared. Mostly is covering my ebbing music base and another double book feat apart from the occasional classroom frequenting.

Sidetrack: 1. What is the WhatDave Eggers

2. The Complete PersepolisMarjane Satrapi ( A comic strip!!!).

Both books possess its own intriguing history of acquaintance. Both are gifts, the former from a Kenyan friend while the latter from an Iranian. Bets are on on whats both books are about. Former is about the struggle of Sudanese Lost Boys fleeing away from the brutal Khartoum government and the general African conflict. The latter is biographical accounts of an Iranian woman during the Islamic revolution in Iran. These countries , all thanks to the feedings of CNN are lopsidedly represented. Both books’ premise basically are of true accounts and personal anecdotes from countrymen themselves whom had journeyed to the West,tasting both worlds, perhaps unsettled of the current portrayals of their home country, the misguided information being fed into public and decided to reach the masses, to correct some perception, give a more accurate perspective and understanding what are the issues and set the record straight. A quite conniving strategy i’d say, for books are powerful mini-agents of propaganda.

Made me stop in tracks and think, if i would to give a book as a present, would i give The Malay Dilemma or the Kampung Boy trilogies to international friends? Hmph, make sense, make sense.

I wonder wether you can get sued for willy-nillyly embellish resumes. But again, isn’t that common practice? As long as no fraudulent qualifications is inserted, should be fine. A recent case involved the firing of MIT’s Dean of Admission herself, after it was found out she didn’t actually have three degrees from three different schools. And it took the university 16 years to unearth the skeleton. Poor woman. She’s actually had a good track record, engineering the change in MIT’s policy to emphasis more on extracurriculars and make it less stressful for kids to get in.

Say, Participated in regular mountain climbings compared to Performed numerous charity-based mountain scaling either for clean-up or humanity fund raising , the second sentence sounds more highly dignified. I dont want to sound too good to be true though.

Ok please notice theres a music box on the side containing what i usually listen. Its a box of jellybeans in there, theres Radiohead, Rilo Kiley, Mika, Mat Kearney, The Fratellis,Sheila on 7 etc. Check them out, some might found it a wee bit noisy but ah, in my humble opinion thats how music should be–>rockin’. Start from the bottom, because , ok who can tell me why, in a logical sense? When you’re all eager and enthusiastic to upload you’d pick in your opinion the best songs first and down the chronological preference order afterwards right ?

Now, checking out other people’s music play lists requires a form of art. To fully enjoy the experience, you don’t listen halfway and changing songs like switching TV channels , you music Fascist. The trick is to do other things while listening , not stare at the music box. Open a new window, comment on facebook , read papers, check your e-mail or whatever and leave the music window open. For we have to understand, humans are an impatient species.

I would like to post what i thought the most beautiful thing my ears had come in contact to but this dimwitted box wouldn’t allow more than 10KB of file upload.

P/s : I’m Jealous of your Cigarrettes, Old Bloody Orange, You , Me and the Weather ..etc are sung by fellow Canadian Hawksley Workman.

* Answer : i – imaginary. Of imaginary numbers square root of -1? Remember?

P/s/s . Would like to credit e^(pi/2)*i to good friend noddy.



  1. atiqahmokhtar · June 4, 2008

    weh weh, i totally ikut your advice and tengah surf facebook sekejap while checking out the songs.

    i’m really digging ‘life in technicolour’! siape punye lagu?

  2. farahhanani · June 4, 2008

    Coldplay.Their new album.They also sang Lost(acoustic) and Viva La Vida( in playlist)
    Their new single Violet Hill is pleasant too but didn’t put them up because you can easily youtube them.

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