A prominent GLC’s (Government linked company) CEO salary was raised by 100%. It is highly speculated that it was the TNB CEO.


*(Mode ketidakpuashatian)*

Amboi2 ade nerve nampak. Dahlah naik time minyak naik. Berani pulak cakap tak pakai duit rakyat because TNB is a private company. Let me ask you who pays the utility bills???? Siapa? Duit dari poket siapa?? Rakyat Malaysia yang berhemah dan berbudi bahasa jugak.

Kalau boleh naik elaun seorang bos yang dikatakan telah perform exceptionally well kerana “menaikkan tarif elektrik” , ( actually they have no excuse for not performing well because basically, what other company that manages power transfer and distribution?? None. They have no competition at all),

bile nak naik elaun kitorang nih pakcik-makcik TNB ku sayang??? Dahlah kami ni 20 orang je one batch.

Ok sampai sini sahaja sesi melepaskan bengang di dada. Maafkan saya kerana penggunaan bahasa lebih kasar daripada biasa.

P/S  The writer is still grateful being sponsored by TNB. It is the symbolism of how elitist were pampered when everyone else is suffering that gets her riled up. i understand that appreciation is important but the timing is incorrect, i bet the salary pre-raise as a CEO is not that bad by normal standards. They should have been more subtle, It is a direct insult towards Malaysians at these times of hardship.



  1. shamsuddin · June 20, 2008

    Emmm… we are in sync here. I wrote almost the same thing on the same piece a few days back. That Tan Sri who made the explanation had the gall to say, these management people add value to the company’s management! As Rowan Atkinson would have said, “Pah… Nelson’s willies!!! Yeah, off course they add value…
    By the way, careful girl, you’re riding on thin ice with your comments unless you can prove that you add value to TNB!

  2. farahhanani · June 20, 2008

    ayah: i have 6 year work contract with them. i am going to add “future” value so this is justified. heh.
    besides, value adding is a process that happens in stages, from down the hierarchy of staff up to the top. if only the CEO added some value as claimed , this conception is half-true, and only credits people sitting on top. i would have been kept muted if all TNB staff is given a raise instead, i mean only then it is a testament that you celebrate all the people who contributed to the company’s value adding.

  3. unnamed · June 21, 2008

    I would agree with your dad. We’re not even sure if we’re gonna be employed by them… (Say if we have bad grades, or get kicked out from school before graduating) Just don’t be so confident (or I would say cocky of being its scholar).

    Am not trying to be pessimist, but anything can happen. It’s all in His hand. In my whole span of life I never dare to say something SO CONFIDENTLY because I know we’re not God to decide the future.

    Even in Quran it was recorded, there’s one time Prophet Muhammad promised to his ummah so confidently that he will solved their problem as if he knows everything. Allah taught prophet Muhammad a lesson by not giving him the revelation and when the ummah came to him to get their answer, Prophet Muhammad couldn’t give them what they want. That’s when Allah taught him to always said “insyaAllah”.

    My friend, I’m sharing you this for I’m always not being comfortable hearing people said something about the future SO CONFIDENTLY. It just sounds so cocky to me.

    Plus, looking back at our (Pelajar tajaan YTN kat canada) academic achievement, I think we deserve being punished this way, in fact i think they should suspend our monthly allowance. Heck, a JPA student (you know who) could do it when she has no strict requirement of GPA. I’m terribly shame of myself. Like seriously.

    I’m more than grateful that they had chosen me to be one of their scholars. Small allowance is a big pain in the ass, but that’s the whole point of being an overseas student aite?

    Honestly, I dun wanna be spoiled with luxury at times when I should learn about hardship. Through hardship we learn how to deal with life. Real life.

    Dalam hadis Qudsi, Allah berfirman yang ertinya : “ Barangsiapa tidak redha terhadap takdir yang telah berlaku dan tidak sabar terhadap cobaan dariKu, maka carilah Tuhan selain Aku “

    P/s: I heard from our juniors the 3rd proposal to increase our allowance has been handed in. And our contract with YTN (if we were employed) is 7 years, not 6.

  4. farahhanani · June 22, 2008

    anem : wow ure taking this seriously heheh. good, good. Now listen;

    I know.

    you know me better i think that i would have no idea wether im going to survive even next semester what more my career life. haish , i admire priya (what do you mean you know who, she deserves her name written heh ).that cynical remark was well, endowed with jest with my good old man. it was a side sarcasm underlying the other message im trying to hammer:

    how people high up and above do stupid things thinking we’re gullible enough to be fooled.

    i’m sorry if my brash sarcasm had made you mistook me for being cocky.this is not the first time it happened. i appreciate the trouble you go quoting hadith and quran verse, it shows that you’re worried, and i think its endearing.
    : )

    however, if ever i began to act unforgivingly like a brat, i grant you the biggest latitude to blow a wallop or two on my head.

  5. unnamed · June 22, 2008

    Hahaha.. A wallop or two? Mcm aku ni pefect sgt. LOL.

    I’d rather have you help me clean all the mess I’ve made in my room.

    Am gonna miss ya buddy. ^_^

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