Great Turks of Europe


1. Which team in 2008 had managed a comeback from behind 3 times in a row?

2. Which team that salvage 2 goals in the last three minutes to win the game when they’re down 2-1 already in the second half?

3. Which team that scored an equaliser in the 120th minute when an opponent had scored a goal in the 119th minute thinking they had closed the deal? (match end at 120th minute in extra time)

3. Which team does a goalkeeper single-handedly assist a goal in the stoppage time to keep team alive at least to the penalty shootout?.

4. From which nation does a goalkeeper made 2 spectacular saves in a game and prevent one goal in the penalty shootout?

5. Which team in Euro 2008 that will miss 4 keyplayers in the semifinal round because of yellow card accumulation but are suspected to not be bothered by the slightest bit?

Answer: TURKEY

I’m never a fan of the Turkish team , see. But a measure of Turkish delight is never harmless in the exciting world of football. They reminded me of a more outlandish Greece team in 2004.

P/s . Happy that Portugal was sent home. Was getting disturbed by the underground fan base in Montreal evident by the sudden mass erection of Portugal flags on cars and buildings alike. Muahahahahah. WILL SUPPORT ORANJE TILL THE END.



  1. snuffleupagush · June 21, 2008

    Sigh. And would you know it-our end has arrived >.<

    Sheesh. I have to move over to Turkey or even Russia now lol.

  2. farahhanani · June 22, 2008

    irving : haish. i’m always worried when guus hiddink is in charge. and my fear is justified now. the only consolation for me is thank god russia’s team is made up of good looking cute boys.
    On a more technical note, having watched that match, you would have to applaud the Romans; they played with so much vigour and heart; the Oranje simply had no answer to their conquest.

  3. shamsuddin · June 25, 2008

    Indeed the luck of the Turkiye had a lot of similarities with what the Greeks had in 2004. Shebby said, this time round, all the hard running team made good progress. Did you see how the Russians run, even in the 120th minute and none of them had any cramp whatsoever (a typical malady during extra time). The same goes for Turkiye, they were still full of verve even in the last 30 seconds of the extra time. Gus Hiddink always made his players very fit. Remember the Korean team that got into the semi final of the world Cup? They were full of running. So, if the German played like the way they played against Croatia in the first round, they might as well pack their bags. Turkiye is riding high on their luck and team spirit. So the Panzers better watch out tonight. If Joachim Lowe insisted on playing that guy Gomez and Ballack decided to argue more with the referee more than playing football, then, goodbye Germans.

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