Time to take out boots

I was walking out from my house to the bus stop and this is the sound coming down from under my feet:

“Kruk, Krak, Krup, Krap!”

What is this? Alaska? ( Just without polar bears in sight )

I am used to seeing  snow mounts similar to my height but this is different. This is ice. One dont sink , one crack them upon each footing instead. There are icicles on the handlebars down my apartment stairs. If you throw snowballs on someones window you might even crack it. However, on the trees,you could see some really neat frost formation which i dont recall happening last semester. Poor thing i dont have a camera, i could have uploaded some pics . In a classic Montreal fashion, the snow avalanche happenned overnight. The day before was all brown and dry, and the next day, boom, vast, vast sea of white. It is not yet -30 degrees yet, but keep this up, you never know.

A general rule of thumb to demonstrate the cold in Montreal if its -30 degrees outside:

If you walk out, your ipod froze.

If someone slapped you, you wouldnt even feel it.

Open your fridge, and chuck your hand inside. It is warm. You can definitely feel it is warmer because the temperature difference is so big, there is actually a temperature gradient.

Snowfall is great, apart from accumulating mini-ais kacang on your jacket, it is better than rain. But icefall is not. It hurts like mini antbites.

What is great and what is not so great this month:


1. Hm..

2. Parents went to perform Hajj

3. An 8 day break before ad-calc exam

4. ECON 225 ( exam was murderous, but prof and TA was fun and first time going to a class where male-female ratio is 1:1)

5. CIVE 281 cribsheet that salvaged singlehandedly my ass for this course.

6. Hedonistic wise; this season of  HOUSE MD, Panic at the Disco Pretty.Odd album and Lenka.

7. WordPress getting cooler in a geeky kinda way.

9. Only one exam at the GYM. I hated exams at the gym, not only they have fluctuating temperatures, the gym exude all exam-ness quality and accentuate the stress and morbidity of a final exam. And the woman on the megaphone yelling ” Please take out your calculator covers…” doesnt help either.   Yippee i am officially a sophomore.


1. Steve J. Mc*** and the traumatizing F___ exam.

2. Losing the lottery for the Olympic Experience Package Vancouver 2010.

3. My exchange student friends from Singapore and Australia is leaving 😦 – Haikal, Isty, Nabeela … do you still like snow?)

Discovery of the month: Is a personal watch important during an exam?

Not really. In fact it could be a perverse strategy. It is not very hard to get tense during exam and looking at the watch every one minute or the other compounded the anxiety. My watch met its demise last October and handphones are not allowed so i’m left watchless in an exam. I found out i am much calmer since there is no reason for me to peek at the watch every now and then. I am not sure about other universities, but invigilators here will write on the board every 15 minutes that had passed.

Apart from the  F___exam-which-must-not-be-named, finals is going much smoother than expected ( the semester itself however is another different story). I am quite adequately prepared,friends have been tremendously helpful, and i wish to keep the rhythm going for ad-calc as well on the 18th.

Much thanks to God. Happy Aidil-adha~

P/s :  I would like to dedicate the snowfall on my page ( carefully squint!) to all my friends who would like to experience winter but couldnt on the other hemisphere. Snowfall valid until Jan 4th only.



  1. aijudanuar · December 12, 2008

    I can see the tiny snow flakes! All the best for exams, and I personally don’t come equipped with a personal watch come exam time, mostly because I can never have a watch without misplacing it when I take it off for ablution.

    So im pretty much watchless now.

    One thing I love about exams is when I get a paper in the racecourse (as in an actual racecourse for horses)! Even though the walk might be a tad taxing, they have so many rooms with multiple intriguing designs!

    The other day I was distracted during one of my subject exams because one of the invigilators kept pestering me to keep my shoes on!

    Alll the best again for exams!!!

  2. Irving Tan · December 14, 2008


    Farah Palin. HAHA. Ngade btol aku ni =p

  3. farahhanani · December 14, 2008


    whats wrong with taking shoes off? i do that all the time. it improves blood circulation. very crucial for exams.


    memang mengada. i dont even have glasses and big hair and a hunky husband ( this part je kot yg i nak hehe )

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