Best of 2008

Please do not get all upset with me or cry foul since I am not affluent in worldly affairs nor i am a keen experimenter  of all things intriguing. However  so,  i will self conceitedly base my judgments on every wonderful things i have encountered this year and to make things fair  and just , i shall welcome everyone to share their own opinion of best and worst ( thats self -conceited as well you know)

Food category:

Main course:  Tortilla Soup and Vegetarian Burger at one of the restaurant in Cincinnati ,Ohio. Lamb Shawg at Maharaja North Indian Buffet , Montreal.

Dessert : Apple Caramel Cheesecake , The Cheesecake Factory, San Francisco, CA . Rice Pudding, McConnell Cafe, McGill.

Drink : Drip Coffee, Blue Bottle Company & C0, Fisherman’s Warf, SF. Strawberry Banana Pina Colada ( Sans Alcool), 3 Amigos, Montreal.

Best Ice-Cream Flavour: Espresso-Frostbite , Ice Cream that i ate at Fong Yi’s and Chin Yen’s house which i could not remember the full name of the flavour, Chapmans

Best Snack: Laici in heavy syrup, Chocolate Chip cookies

Best Free Food: Midnight Kitchen-McGill. Iftar Ramadhan-McGill.

Best Food Function: Agongs Picnic-Ottawa, Auntie Sabriyya house invites

Music Category:

Best Album: Lenka, Lenka. Pretty.Odd, Panic at the Disco

Best Song: Trouble is a Friend- Lenka

Best Malaysian : Yuna and her new EP

Best Cute Song : You and I– Ingrid Michaelson

Best Straightforward Lyrics : Deeper Conversation– Yuna

Best Independent: For Emma, Forever Ago-Bon Iver; The Script-The Script 2008

Best Sound: Orange Range ( Japanese )

Best Rock : Viva La Vida-Coldplay

Best Alternative: Only By The Night-Kings Of Leon

Best Country: Taylor Swift- Taylor Swift

Best Vocal in an album : Songs for You, Truth For Me-James Morrison

Best Harmony: “White Winter Hymn”, Fleet Foxes

Best Film Soundtrack: Slumdog Millionaire-A. R Rahman

Entertainment and Publishing Category:

Best Movie: Slumdog Millionaire closely followed by Batman the Dark Night

Best Magazine : WIRED

Best Book : The Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius-Dave Eggers. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-Douglas Adams.

Best TV Show: House MD, Hana Kimi ( Japanese)

Best Video :  Shoe throwing at Bush. And him dodging it twice.

Experience and Special Mentions:

Best Display of Suspense : 4 x 100m swimming finals , Beijing Olympics.

Best Humour : Any Flight of the Concords live performances.

Best Quote : ” Pergi Venice Beach macam pergi Neraka“-Priya ( background: we were trying to locate Venice Beach in Santa Monica and had to endure torrentous rain and wind only to found a beach filled with homeless and old surfer dudes in wet suits )

Best Good things that happened: Parents performing  Hajj.

Best Conversation : All conversation involving my roommates

Best Scenery: Rocky Mountains aerial view from plane to Vancouver. Virginia Beach , Virginia.

Best Witness of man-made Structure:  Times Square at night, New York City, NY. Washington DC buildings, Washington.

Best Transport: SeaBus, Vancouver City. Amtrak California Thruway Bus.

Best Exam Experiences:  Advanced Calculus finals FALL 2008. Materials Engineering Midterm II FALL 2008. Religious Studies finals WINTER 2008.

Best Academic Exposition:  FEE Tutorials FALL 2008, ECON 225 Conferences FALL 2008,

Best Prof: Sidney Trudeau-Advanced Calculus; Patricia Kirkpatrick- Judaism; Shahab Shahabi-Calculus 2

Best Sports Experience: Badminton with Zhao and Lu every Saturday, Currie Gym.

Best Hostel : Hostelling International, Vancouver City.

Best Retail :  Century 21, NYC, NY.

Best Purchase : Puma Slip-In shoes, 20 CD , Winners.

Best Makan-makan: Encik Tarmizi’s house, Ottawa, winter break 2008. Lumama Sushi with friends , various times.

Best Friends Blogpost : Atiqah Mokhtar’s blogpost entitled “Buang masa , aku memang terer”

Half Akmal’s tag( modified)-half Atiqah Mokhtar’s request:

Best Pizza: Stuffed spinach, cheese and mushroom pizza ,with tomato sauce and cheese topping eaten at a lunch in Santa Monica ,LA.

Best self- picture of 2008:  In the interest of narcisissme;


Hershey’s World, NYC, NY. Summer Northeast US Tour.

Best travelling experience:

Very hard decision. The latest California excursion was a blast , however it loses some points on time range ( too short ,really had wished it was much longer and thus would have covered the Grand Canyon, Stanford, Silicon Valley, Google Headquarters, Yosemite , watch a live taping of a TV show as an audience and visit the wineries in Napa Valley. I would suggest people to allocate at least 2 weeks for a complete Californian experience). My merits will be based on which traveling excursion had reached its objectives the most and therefore i would have to give it to the Summer Northeast US tour.  For this particular one, only 2 objectives were not reached; 1. Broadway 2. Finish the American Museum of Natural History. Might not be one of the most luxurious, but it was definitely an adventure.

Best waste of time:  Blogging-lah :p

P/S  readers are welcome to suggest any new categories. This post is only partly completed.



  1. atiqahmokhtar · January 1, 2009

    happy new year, yo 😀

    best travel experience?
    best picture taken?(of you or by you, either one. or both!)
    best waste of time?

  2. Tumeteale · February 5, 2009

    Hey everyone!
    Valentines Day is just around the corner and I want to buy my gf something cute.
    Any ideas? Oh and does anyone know where I can order cheap bouquets ? I want to preorder flowers for her just to start things off.
    I was also thinking of creating her a cd mix of all her favorite songs. Anyone have any free itunes codes? haha

    Thank You!

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