Why climb mountains? Because it is there.

The mountains are calling again. It has been too long.

General idea:


Highest peak of South East Asia

4,095 metres (13,435 ft) above sea level

August 2009

Now calling for interested individuals. The more the merrier.

(would throw in diving at Sipadan as well if financial conditions are right)



  1. sanza · January 23, 2009

    interesting. let me know if anything is on its way.

  2. afiqah · January 24, 2009

    naik ikut ^_^. InsyaAllah

  3. youchiyagami · January 24, 2009

    How much will it cost? Tight budget la dear…

  4. aMiR · January 25, 2009

    you got me at diving! im in! =]

  5. anem · January 25, 2009

    alamak menarik nya.. isk farah hanani ni sungguh pandai “menggoda”. i’m considering~~~

  6. nia · January 26, 2009

    me! me!

  7. shamsuddin · January 31, 2009

    There was this article on the Star today on the cost of climbing Mt Kinabalu. Just for your info, the waiting list is six months and the costs is roughly RM880. A lot of folks are complaining that it is getting out of reach for average Malaysians. I hope you are aware of this.

  8. aina zalikha · March 5, 2009

    kool!!!mahu juga!!!

  9. khalis · March 24, 2009

    inform aku kalu mau pg

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