”…Malays are self-destructive. They don’t want to capitalise on opportunities presented to them. University places are not taken. Business opportunities are abused. Malay youths don’t want to study, preferring to loaf around or become Mat Rempits. The majority of Malaysians abusing drugs are Malays; the ones infected with HIV-AIDS are mostly Malays while rape and other crime cases are mainly Malays. The ones who failed in business are mostly Malays, debt delinquents are Malays, dishonoured contracts are Malays too, the AP predilection involves Malays too…”

“We don’t want to hear all this. We are humiliated. But if these problems are not voiced out, the problems do not disappear by themselves. Other people know it too. Better to be humiliated if it makes some of us aware and they change their habits to avoid committing the same mistakes. The ones who don’t care about being humiliated, it is all right. It’s improbable to make us all aware. The ones being hit will always be hit…”

Trust Che Det for a decent wack in the head.

P/s: the Malay Dilemma: Redux



  1. aijud · March 23, 2009

    My sentiments exactly. Nuff said.

  2. sanza · March 24, 2009


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