Problem talk.

Problems are best handled face-on, with dignity and composure that can make Spock cry.

Rhetoric is easy  doesn’t it? No one is fond of being scared, and problems are scary to the core by nature.

Hence,  scheming to maneuver around the problem comes away as inevitable. And cowards resort to it because it is one of the most simple solution albeit temporary. The good news is, that simple solution is gobsmacking-ly trivial:  Avoid at all cost.

When the subject arise, plug your ears, close your eyes, keep mouth shut. Such undignified cowards, huh.

Sadly to say, i’m one of them. I’m waiting patiently for everything to blow up in epic proportions.

Natural born coward.

While waiting, lots of cooking was done and i am  proud to announce my first nasi lemak production that gained *ehem* rave reviews. I am proud of my friends Hanim, Ling and Priya who lend a hand as well. Exam month masterpiece was rendang and nasi himpit.  Any suggestions what next for next month? Im thinking of roti jala.

Also, i would like to welcome my new housemate, Helen Orvis,  who is Ling’s subletter for the summer months. A passionate organic food eater who posses a cool Canon DSLR camera, shes been terrific with us so far.

I also  found the Wolverine movie pretty fun, although i wouldn’t categorize it as fantastic. However, i am excited to watch the latest Star Trek premise as reviews till date are all nothing but euphoric.

Classes had already started and i will have my first quiz that count for 10 percent o Friday. Dont be sympathetic, i signed up for this.

I bought some accessories. Believe it. They were on sale. Makeup is next on my list.

I should start playing tennis and badminton for Midwest Games but i’m not. Sparring partner is still MIA.

I should call home. Its been 3 whole months and i want to wish mother a Happy Mother’s Day.

I should also pick up a book to read.

I am in love with Blind Pilot’s  3 Rounds and a Song. If i have a significant other, i can imagine slow dancing to this all night. The operative word is still if so don’t get too giddy. Note to Ateqs : I agree wholeheartedly to your MANGKUK  remark.

Did i mention i am also in love with my bike? I can imagine my father’s reaction if he sees it. ( “Ini ke? Macam basikal tua motong getah Atok kamu kat kampung je!” ).

Hello, tolong sikit. Bukan tua tapi Vintage okay?

I find myself being suddenly shy to talk to people i know in the UK if they’re willing to let me crash at their place for my Brit trip. I get uncomfortable easily when asking people for favours because i understand being in that kind of spot.  How do i explain myself that i will exercise the best of my ability to not bother them at all? Technically,  I just need a place to sleep and leave my things. All the touring will be done on my own,  they need not to worry at all for me wasting their time. Most importantly, i need an address to give at the immigration officer. Must have courage to ask i presume yeah?

I ponder on the plan London-Southampton-Edinburgh-Inverness-Dublin ( base camps ) and traversing around using BritRail whose passes are much cheaper than Amtrak. I wonder what are the Malaysian Hall rates per night?

Also, the current position as traveling partner is still open. Geographical locations doesn’t matter, even though you’re a UK resident interested in seeing your horizons, do get back to me. Apply in hordes si’l vou plait. 🙂 I would be ecstatic if anybody would like to join me for this edition of travel excursion.

Cheers everyone and God bless InsyaAllah,

Don’t forget to watch Lost, House MD, Chuck, and Big Bang Theory to fill in that boring summer gaps.

P/s: Perhaps my most candid post just yet.

P/s/s: I bet you have forgotten the coward part. See how skillful i am in avoidance and indifference? Sublime.

P/s/s: Coward. I am ashamed to face myself and all of you.


One comment

  1. atif · May 9, 2009

    Facing up to a problem takes a lot of courage, and sometimes building up that courage takes time, so don’t be too hard on yourself – what I can say is that at least you can admit to being scared, and that, if anything, is a very encouraging first step, no? I sometimes choose to ignore some of my problems too, but others which are more personally affecting I tend to pursue with maniacal haste – in hindsight, maybe that was not the best way to do it. So I’d say giving a problem some time is not always a bad thing – take comfort in that – so long as you don’t forget or ignore it!

    Anyway, hoho, saya amat suka datang blog ini sekarang. At a time when most bloggers on my blogroll are dropping off the face of the planet, you persevere =’) Lol!

    I’ve tried Ra Ra Riot’s the Rhumb Line, btw – they’re quite good =) Takes more than one listen to really absorb the sounds properly, but on some numbers they shine pretty good – they have this classic, faded-out 90s alternative sound about them, and their violins kick ass big time, mon amie!

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