I can vote!

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU.


Exhilarated for my first ever left hand drive experience in North America ( In a Dodge van, no less! Even my mother wont let me touch her Nissan Serena)

Thrilled over my first candle blowing birthday since , what? 5 years?

Touched over my housemates cooking effort.

Thankful over the impromptu pizza party from the boys.

Not to mention the gifts, my God, they really shouldn’t have.

The wishes! The calls! The smses! The offline messages! The ridiculous 104 notifications on facebook!

That email. That super long email, it was old school my dear and you know how i love old school.

The pre-celebration Vietnamese outing, from a thoughtful friend who knew she couldn’t be here on my day.

I have to single out one thing: To those who went all the trouble to cook for me , i am mostly , deeply touched. I think an effort to cook for someone is one of the most romantic things in the world.

Special credits

  • Mother and Father, for your constant prayers.
  • Thank you Ling Ni Boon, for the pre-celebration
  • Kak Azidah, Farhana, FongYi, ChinYen- the BR cake is awesome and your spaghetti rocks Fong Yi
  • Kak Rozalah and family, for the home cooked food, the hospitality and the warmth.
  • Priya, oh dear, what has Hanim done to you? You actually cook?? Hanim, i love you for coming after much persuasion
  • Veivern, Hadi,Azraf, Hazeeq,Khalis,- i liked the impromtu pizza party
  • Atiqah Mokhtar. Wow. Loveliest email i have ever read.
  • The gifts from friends, you know who you are. I’ll wear it in winter, use it every morning for coffee, read it until it is finished, eat it to my hearts content, and display it proudly on my study.  ( best not disclose as in not to put pressure one anyone for next year 😛 )
  • To siblings for the Twitter messages.

I have no high ambitions for myself this year.Only that i hope ill face challenges better than the way i am handling it right now and not disappointing anyone who believes in me

Arigato Gozaimas!

Peace out.


One comment

  1. kak jidoh · May 29, 2009

    hahahah sowwy with the very impromptu party. wished that it would be more in # of peeps. btw, who’s azidah Abu bakar dik non? p/s nnt akak or (akak kerahkan sesapa) burn the WWR DVD and photo to u

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