Another Solo Ride ( now in UK! )


In the next 48 hours, i will embark on the most anticipated journey since the start of the semester : The Journey Home.

See, yours truly here haven’t seen her parents faces for almost two years. Literally. Most fault can be shifted on me because i never bothered skyping or setting up a webcam on my computer–a fault i wish to rectify once i get home.

Back then, i was thinking, now since i’m traveling home ,might as well consider a pit stop. Now, i still subscribe to this thought however not with the same excitement anymore.

Many factors weigh in, my traveling partner backed out the last minute due to her parents objections which lead us to——> the bird flu scare. We humans can only plan and only God determines.  I never anticipated a thing of this sort back in March. Not only it caused the Midwest Games to cancel ( and justifiably, since Illinois ranks with the highest cases in the US), my trusted side kick also backed out out of respect to elders. Most of all, i was overwhelmed with homesickness that constantly kicks my rear and made me fidget all the time.( “cepatlbalikcepatlabalikcepatlabaliiiikk”)

So i would say that this edition of summer mini-tour is filled with apprehension. My parents naturally voiced their concerns over me going all solo , and i share their sentiments as well.

I detest it .

It is quite lonely traversing alone although one might get more things done–i tend to be  in no nonsense mode when i’m alone with myself.

The best i could do now is ensure that i take my vitamins supply everyday, take care of my health, have a hand sanitizer in my pack and remind self to wash hands every four hours. Of course, a surgical mask too. All in day’s work of travelling in the swine flu era.

I look back at my itinerary and surprised myself at the reflection of my ambitiousness and truthfully, i did not conceal my disgust. Thank you ayah for pointing that out. Rasa macam orang tamak, astaghfirullah.  Why the rush? Exploration takes patience and they say reward will come rolling to those who wait. Travelling also means appreciating God’s creation and why would one want to rush that? After a bit of muhasabah , i question back my priorities of what am i trying to regain out of this, ( This is a very important question). I dont want to come out of this mini tour needing another vacation when this was supposed to be THE vacation.

So i set a new theme for this expedition:

‘ If you cant get the next thing done hanani, chill, you’ll have another time. Enjoy this one first.’

Originally, this was meant to be only a pit stop before heading home but somehow in classic farah hanani style , i turned it into a England-in-9-Days travel package. Please dont follow this example, its dangerous , overzealous and remember the kisah anjing dengan bayang-bayang if you are still not listening.(I have to add here, with impartiality, that it CAN be done with careful planning )

If i learnt anything during my California trip is that one can’t be too particular with your schedule, you should allow some ample flexibility. It reduces the level of frustration when things do go wrong  ( and they DO in frequent times). You can get over the messed up itinerary faster too rather than mope.

There are a couple of people whom i should thank profusely for assisting with my plans especially in the accommodation bit. I wont list them now, i will do a proper roll of honour when this experience is nicely wrapped up. But they include my senior, my high school friends and a  friend whom i only met once ( our most intimate correspondence are through emails) but is more than willing to offer me a place to crash. Thank you God  and please do me a great favour by blessing their generosity. Also to people whom i alluded my impending visitation plans and then welcome it with great enthusiasm,( well hello there, primary school friend 🙂 )i certainly do appreciate the moral support and it is most saddening if i will not be able to visit your part of the country. Nonetheless, fear not that you’re always in my thoughts.

Please pray for my safe journey , good health and easiness to perform fundamental ibadah.

OK, deep breath and remember not to forget about that toothbrush.

P/s: The writer repacked her luggage since during the first round she forgot that the laundry system exists even in Great Britain.



  1. youchiyagami · June 17, 2009

    Seriously, are you buying that flu crap?

    I’m amazed by how successfull the mass media has been in hyping things around.

    They’re the little chicken of our time. The little chicken who run around crying that the sky is falling.

    The flu is a distraction. A well-planned distraction.

    While people went all paranoid over swine flu, thousands are dying of famine in Africa. More are dying over HIV and cholera and all. Nobody cares, nobody notice.

    When bird flu first appeared in East Asia, cities like Hong Kong and Beijing and Singapore were pressured by interest groups to be sealed off. But the swine flu breaks out in North America (ok, maybe it originates in Mexico or whatever, but the big outbreak was in North America). None of the American cities were ordered to be sealed off. Instead, it’s the Asian cities again who are being told to purchase extravagant equipments and adopt elaborate measures. WTH?

    Sorry, I don’t meant to invade your blog. It just disturbs me whenever people do this, you know, went all gaga over a plane crash while ignoring the killing spree of innocent civillians by armed soldiers (I’m comparing the publicity received by Air France and Palestine, if you notice).

    Anyway, enjoy your trip. Don’t worry if you caught the flu, the vaccine is already there (even before the outbreak?). Just pray that they released it already.

    • farahhanani · June 18, 2009

      yet i still dunno who u r 😉 Actually here in Canada, its as if nothings is going on when in Quebec itself is already 611 cases. I think everybody stopped counting after 2. I dont know why media in Malaysia really hyped it up. Im doing nothing special. I just make sure i wash my hands every time now.

  2. nain · June 18, 2009


  3. Aki · August 8, 2009

    Oh Nani! I perasan sebentar and I ‘think’ you mentioned me in this post of yours. *peace*

    Love reading your experiences in the UK. And please don’t be sorry that you can’t visit my place, I’m more sorry that I can’t meet you in London (dissection competition *sigh*)

    In Malaysia kan sekarang? Send my regards to you twin. (huuu dia tak ingat kita haha)

  4. farahhanani · August 11, 2009

    kak qilah: yes it is indeed youlah. 🙂 InsyaAllah I will. You kenal your senior Juwairiya tak in SKTP? My twin is sort of like her pet sister.

  5. Aki · August 11, 2009

    Juwairiya? Namanya sounds familiar..maybe I will remember after seeing her face 🙂

    Did they go to school or work together?

  6. farahhanani · August 12, 2009

    they go to school together. now shes already workinglah.takpelah tak kenal.

  7. Aki · August 12, 2009

    yep I heard that she is working now aite? (bila nak tulis pasal Edinburgh? *wink*)

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