Back at home.

*Warning: post is about her alma mater–SEMASHUR, henceforth deepest apologies extended if some might feel isolated*

Its one of those nice days where the thought of it kept you smiling till the very end.

I went back to school today to pick up SPM certificate which has probably rot themselves yellow in the schools office. Fingers crossed they didn’t lose that flimsy piece of paper. And tell you what? I was a nervous wreck. Believe it, my hands went all clammy on the steering wheel and my voice came out hoarse when talking to the guards of the gate.

(‘ The pintu gerbang has majestically changed since 2005! )

It was indeed quite ridiculous, since its mysterious emergence stemmed out of nowhere. All i knew i have this deep sinking feeling of nervousness to see the amazing human beings who practically i grew up with: How are these teachers? Sihat ke tak? Would they still remember me or would they glance at me, smile for a brief  of hey-ive-taught-you before acknowledgment and go about their business afterwards? Honestly, the significance of yours truly back then is a hard thing to gauge. A normal prefect, a few sports or two,some okay academic feats, fairly obedient—this one a controversial statement.

Sidenote: Lets see…maybe missed a couple of perhimpunans, subuh jemaah ( probably some mahgrib as well but not as frequent as subuh), stayed in bilik sakit once  or twice when not feeling like going to class, keluar takde kad outing, ponteng usrah sket, misuse of bilik pengawas, misuse of library for internet, misuse of bilik  kaunseling for fridge and air conditioning, malas tukar baju sukan, not wearing lencana sekolah for a whole year(‘and nobody realizing it i wonder’) , , slept all through prep malam, slept all through prep petang, copied a bunch of homework (‘but everybody does that!’), brought handphone to school (‘only during PMR and SPM times!’) and some  other wishy washy small delinquents. Pretty decent for five years, nothing juvenile i would say.

However, those are quite common commodity in SBP’s. In fact,since my time, the school has been churning not one or two, but nearly four batches of graduates ( 2006, 2007, 2008, upcoming 2009). They might recognize my face but would they still remember my name? SBP schools in particular, starting from june, every teacher has a full plate as exams are drawing near. Fridays are prime time for a half day’s of work but in my case it is justifiable : I have work tonight starting at ten o clock till morning indefinitely.

Fast forwarding on SEMASHUR turf.

The principal i had no longer helm the school. There was stark improvement in landscaping and beautification of school. The terrible fashion sense however, stayed on. In my time, there was the hideous pink uniform of librarians and the horrifying bright orange i dont know what to call it blouse. Now it was the uniform of the prefects : grey. Reminds me the colour of habuk.

There was this tree around the basketball court. I have always assumed it to be stunted in growth  and i had lost all hope to see it gr0w a mighty tree because of all the five years i spent in school it never did.

It was a commendably big heck of a tree now. A jutting metaphore of how long time has passed. The tree was also a hint of the big picture.

I expected it but the shock still needed some amount of time to digest. Most of my teachers who are single are now married. Those who’re married now has a child. Those who has one child now have a second one. It was a live and throbbing evidence of social progress.

Talk about a child i have to mention this awfully adorable kid named Umari.  Umari is third hero of Ms Roslynda , my then chemistry teacher and warden. He has this really wicked smile that is capable to make you die of cuteness. I spent nearly 2 hours at her house with Ms Salmi ( long time high school confidant, taught me English). The best part of going back was always the catching up part. Between playing football inside the house with Umari, chasing monkeys, having tea and eating durian while squatting, i thought, wow this was worth ponteng kerja for, also well worth them not remembering my name. Sidenote: I highly suspect Ms Roslynda doesnt remember my name. Just a suspicion.I dont really mind.

I owe a lot to Ms Salmi. Shes the buddy teacher. I consider her more as friend now since we talk in the same wavelength I will always remember her as the teacher who picks up her student in front of her house for steamboat. Not many people in this profession is of your stature miss. Interrupting your class and all and make you drag the current debate team out for show. Thank you for the nice treatment. It definetely will help lessen the nervousness in future visits. Each school needs someone like her: The cool, student friendly type. Perfect warden specimens because honestly, you could see it shining in their eyes that they love their work.

Cikgu Masita. Shes the teacher who was around me the longest. Taught me Geography for the first three years in school and corresponded with her frequently when she was warden the following two years. I would be losing sleep if she doesnt remember my name–thank God not. Im throwing this out in the open: Cikgu, i dearly missed you and i pray you are happy and well always.

Then there was these  long chats with Cg Indera ( my Add maths guru ) and Cg Nik (taught physics and Gosh, she sounds really like a mother now- a far cry from her single days haha ).  The catch up session with Ustazah Zaharah( Pendidikan Islam) and Cg Zahrul ( Bahasa Melayu). I didnt find Ms Zilfadilah but she called me up and we talked quite long.

At times, i wonder wether these human beings realize the impact they had towards their subjects. Day to day, they did the same routine and the students graduate. For me, frankly, i would not be where i am today without them. They were there, like foster parents. I dont have any older siblings hence it was down to my parents and them for my source of motivation and influence.

I’m looking forward for the next visit in two years time. 🙂

P/s: Reinforcement: Umari sangat  sangat cute.



  1. farhana fauzy · August 10, 2009

    sounds fun! i want to go again sometimes, but dont have any reason to..

    semashur ey..

    ps: i dont remember librarian uniform being pink.. i think it was green blazer.. or maybe the first two years was pink..

    • farahhanani · August 11, 2009

      it was pink once and later thank God someone sees some sense and change it to green. besides i still have issues with our baju outing yang kain cotton susah gosok tu.

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