How to fix this? I fell asleep right after zohor and woke up at 7.00 pm. Just nice an hour left to pray Asar, make Mi Ruski and milo before breaking the fast at 8.00 pm.

And after Isyak and Terawih i cannot sleep.I tried forcing , but ended up waking on hourly basis. Finally resigned and did all my unpacking and cleaning and rearranging  in the wee hours in the morning.

12 hours difference needs major time-span to adapt but haiyyo too long laaaaa. i still havent done my groceries because splitting headache overwhelms me if i dont sleep during the day. This is not Malaysia, where got Tesco opening until 1.00 am????

Anyways, check this out: 15Malaysia . Apt doodling for the Merdeka Month.  I’ve read about it couple months ago in Off The Edge, but i never knew the videos came out already.

Will Miss both of you and Dad and Edah

Will Miss both of you and Dad and Edah

Another weird coincidence is my flight itinerary was the same as my two new TNB juniors coming to McGill.

Inilah barangkali namanya berkat Ramadhan. I have no doubts about God’s hand in this because in London, i was waiting for them at the baggage pick-up. I didn’t find them. I waited so long at the bay where lots of people came to pick up their relatives at  the ARRIVALS section  in TERMINAL 3 . After that, i gave up. Just when i was resigned to hang around all alone,  guess where i bumped into them? At the DEPARTURES  section in TERMINAL 5. trying to figure out how to use the London Underground to jalan-jalan. I could have gone out first, if i choose not to linger say, more than 10 minutes. But no, i actually pondered around for an hour and a half at the airport.  And here they are , semangat gile nak tengok Oxford Street but all the shops are not opened yet:

Boleh guna ke tefon ni nak call mak kat Malaysia?

Boleh guna ke tefon ni nak call mak kat Malaysia?

Lilian and Jundi, lost ( not exactly, sebab ada me :P) in London

Lilian and Jundi, lost (not exactly, sebab ada me heheh) in London

P/s: Salam Merdeka everyone.



  1. Aki · August 27, 2009

    Nani dah balik ke? I thought your holidays were longer

    • farahhanani · August 27, 2009

      tulah sedih kan? U guys some of them can go back after raya.

  2. Aki · August 31, 2009

    I know..i envy them. Takpe Nani, our Eid will be overseas then. Let’s make the best out of it.

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