Spread some BTN love.

In the light of Selangor Government abolishing the BTN, and Muhyiddin Yassin chastising the move, gossip happy Malaysians all wants a piece of the limelight. Apparently , indoctrination isn’t cool nowadays and people wanted to be part of the cool culture. Hence, hate is all around dissing the BTN.

I find the hate-mongering very peculiar.  I read one headline that goes:

Students Traumatised by BTN’s ‘Racist’ Indoctrination Programmes

Now, thats a bit gloomy doesnt it?  Whats with the hate, people?

I particularly find BTN very entertaining.

Its entertaining to see that they actually believe that they can shove views down our throats and we will agree to it. No objections because we’re all gullible that way.

It is entertaining to see them do it in such gusto and with great dedication, i almost feel sorry for them.

It is entertaining that the common situation in BTN is that there exist a huge elephant in the room, but everybody chose to ignore it( probably its much more fun watching)

It is entertaining to joke about the various indoctrination efforts and the great lengths they do for it with friends in the dormitory

It is entertaining to chuckle inside whenever they say something funny like ” You know, a great disaster will befall our country if the government doesnt get two thirds majority” in great seriousness.

It is much more entertaining when we participated in one whole hour workshop dedicated to the above statement.

It is entertaining the things they do that makes no sense and afterwards i was hard pressed to find any point of them doing it. Shining example: Showing a picture of Anwar ( not that i’m a big fan of him anyway) with Zionist or IMF hotshots and declaring: ” Look!, hes being chummy with the very people who wanted to destroy our financial system!”.


If i’m pictured with a Jewish friend that makes me a sympathizer with the Zionist agenda?

If  i’m pictured with a person who is holding a glass of wine , you’re going to assume i drink too?

I trust that we are not at all THAT intellectually challenged. Its a picture of two people laughing. . Give him a break. That guy cant even have a drink with friends.( Hes foreign minister for Gods sake).

Swiftly remembers the time where a picture of Dr Mahathir wearing a Christian priest-like clothes circulating and all the accusations essentially shouting : ” Dr M is a bloody Christian!!!!”

It is too entertaining to witness that the ceramah sessions after the Fajr prayers mainly talks about justfying ISA based on various hadiths and examples from Islamic history rather than how to mobilize young minds to improve the ummah. I had a great laugh , which was good because usually it’s hard to keep my eyes open during ceramah after Fajr.

It was more fun to watch that the people who are at the forefront of this agenda are educated, grown and well positioned people in the society. It is almost hard to believe such stupidity can stem from them.

OK. All sarcasm aside, i find BTN most useful for delivering this most important message to young Malaysians: Loving your country and making them realize that they have a responsibility to come back and shape the country in the future. This is an important message that needs to be drilled. Whatever shit thats happening and you dont like it ? You dont like the status quo? Stop complaining. Come back and change it then. We can change all of this together. BTN did a pretty moving job in delivering that message. I am mostly proud of BTN due to that part.

As for other elements?

Well, i just sat back and enjoyed the show.

P/S : I dont want my scholarship to be taken away or go to ISA for this please. Thank you very much.



  1. aijud · November 27, 2009

    I know! I feel sorry for them too. But they’re so earnest, and their conviction (for the truth?) so compelling it’s hard not to stop watching/listening, you know like a bad tv show that you secretly love and watch when no one’s around (eg: One Tree Hill).

    But it’s really hard to sit still with blatant lines like ‘maaflah pada yang bukan melayu, tapi ni hakikatnya’ being thrown into the loop.what the hell does ‘bukan melayu’ mean anyways??

    yay BTN, (weak laughs).

  2. farizazwa · December 15, 2009

    nice one hanani.=)

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