Fix these first

….then only can you brag about being green at Copenhagen.

Why Malaysia is not wooing enough investors:

1:: Ridiculous public transport system ( slow public delivery)

2:: Ridiculously slow Internet broadband speed ( due to monopoly of TM in the cable submarine)

3:: Ridiculous amount of papers ( The last time i checked its 2010. People do everything online. )

I remember my sister registered in her university and it took her 3 hours. I think she photocopied all paper related documents since she was born and then some. She filled in at least 10 multicolored forms that all required practically similar information.It took me just my bank account, proof of address and my passport in a painless, 15 minute to get through university registration. The I.D was done on the spot and printed on the spot. The most complicated information on the forms i filled were my postal code  and my bank account number.  And I am an international student.

4::  Ridiculous amount of upper level approvals and signatures ( No,you don’t need the top boss’ signature to suggest a seafood dish on Fridays in the cafeteria).


One comment

  1. mohd akmal · January 19, 2010

    so true

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