Not Admitting Defeat

How to do that?

I am this close.

* I must not make habit to start a post with some supposedly dramatic line, as if it’ll invoke mystery and effectual wonder when its just ..lame.*

This semester, i havent been in the best behaviour. Cue a story.

*While photocopying tutorial notes from a friend*

Me: “Thanks for this, so you’re going home now? Where exactly do you live?”

Friend: “I live 1 hour and 20 minutes train and bus ride away”

Me: “Dear Lord, its 11 pm, what time will you get home??”

Friend: “Usually around midnight, or 12.30 am, depending..”

Me: “God, i hope you dont have 8.30 am classes”

Friend: “I do . Electronics 1. My routine is i’ll stay in school till 11 pm, go home, sleep, wake up at around 7.00 am,arrive for class at 8.30. I sleep in the couch in Trottier after that while waiting for my next class. Its not worth it to go home.

Me:” *Incredulous look*. That must be hard on you”

Friend: “What to do, you know , you have to work hard”

Me: *Gulp*

Bang. Right there i was sure someone just downed me with cold water.

1. For the record, i have Electronics 1 too, and i rarely attend classes because i live relatively far. And when i do come, because i missed so much, it was such a painful experience i decided its not worth it to come anymore.

2. For the record, i live only 25 minutes walk from McGill, and my place is very close to public transportation.So basically, no 1 above right there, was just a freakin malay excuse of :kejap-kejap la.

I am livin the Malay Dilemma man.

8.30 am classes, i’m gonna attend every each one of you.

No excuses, even though the lab will keep me up at till 3.00 am.

Goddammit, government gave you money, your parents are counting, and how did i respond?

By being a freaking manusia yang tak reti nak bersyukur.


It doesnt matter if you dont get the material, so what you’re not good in this business.

There must be a reason I was put in this path. The least i could do is make an effort to find that out.

~16 days to final exam~



  1. najmunir · March 29, 2010

    seriously farah? dont miss any class at anytime ok! totally not worth every single pence – from OUR government or YOUR parents! all the best darling 🙂

  2. megat terawis · March 30, 2010

    I detect some form of tension in you now. I reckon you have not gone past your “panic brings forth carelessness” syndrome. My dear, I am not putting pressure on you but attending classes is basic student’s responsibility. I have been terribly busy these few weeks to Skype. Mummy is also rather stressed out with her impending PTK assignment and exam. But please, calm down and submit to Allah always.

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