Listen up.

Brain drain is a hard reality, hard to swallow but happens nonetheless.

The strategies that malaysian government are currently undertaking is of course admirable, but not enough. Sentiments dont work anymore. To quote  an article by someone:

“….not just talk in sentimental terms about loyalty and such(read: BTN), when the infrastructure is not there, there is nothing to move forward to and nothing is opening up.

Young people are hungry for knowledge and opportunity, and if you don’t give them that they will leave.”




What does this entails? To sum of the correspondent’s words again:   

“…if you follow procedure, no one can tell you ‘No’. There is no need to go through red tape and seek political linkages…”



No one can tell you no.

What does this mean? Another sentiments echoed by another correspondent:

“I don’t think Malaysians are craving progress in the country. They are not hungry enough.

They are just comfortable and I want to be in an environment where I can improve. I want challenge.”

I did an internship before in a local company. With all due respect, i gained a lot of valuable knowledge but the grouse that i had is to the dot as above.

The culture of kerja masuk pukol 8.00 , pkol 8.30 minum pagi is something…..contradictory to all  the feelings of the youthful energy and crazy enthusiasm that i cant wait to channel before coming in. Like a  buzzkill .



One comment

  1. Ammo · April 10, 2010

    how can we stop our professionals and intellectuals from leaving when all they want is freedom of thought, progression of knowledge and development of this country but our POLITICIANS does exactly the opposite to this country?

    all they want is to hold that power and we the simple minded citizens are helping them on their selfish agenda. its time for students of our generation to make a change for the better future of this country.

    god bless Malaysia!

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