NOT Super Junior.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

CN Blue, i found them out by watching a Korean drama(what else?) , where one of the actor is in it. Nevertheless, i was surprised he was in such a band with legit, indie sounds. I looked at their older pics, and they were wearing T-shirt and jeans, like you , know all Indie bands.

But you know Korea and their music industry’s fashion sense. That quickly changed, they just debuted their album , and guess what? They’re all pimping like typical Korean male pop groups do. It sounds a bit off….I was expecting them to break into a synchronized dance moves when their first single music video was played.

What they sound now

What they sound during their tshirts and jeans and days

Latest single.Please note that ALL Korean actors, musicians and artistes wear like this. Lets not even start on the hairstyle.

P/s : what Korean Drama? Recognize Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful?


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