My 4th World Cup (and counting)

I think the first time  i grasped the real meaning of World Cup is back when watching the final replay of 1998 between France and Brazil. I was just 10 years old, a primary school student. Back then, Ronaldo  was the hugest football star on Earth and a lot of hype surrounded him. However, it was the sheer awesomeness of Zinedine Zidane that really knocked my head about how huge World Cup business was when he single-handedly demolish the much fancied Brazilians to smithereens. A couple of years passed, and i have tried my best not to miss either UEFA Euro’s, a couple of Champions League’s finals, SEA Games, and most definitely the World Cups.

There are many moments that remain highly imprinted in my mind, from the grittiness and discipline of South Korea into the semi-final of 2002 (another awesome work by Guus Hiddink), to the entertainment and delight of watching Argentina play in 2006(Riquelme and introduction of Messi) ,to the heartbreaking quarterfinal match between Netherlands and Portugal in 2006(that forever stamped my utter disgust for Christiano Ronaldo), and to the most infamous headbutting incident of France’s Zidane towards Italy’s Materrazzi in the final of 2006. I was present all the way,live, along with thousands of football fans across the world.

Being in another hemisphere of the globe helps alot for this 2010’th edition, since all matches is played during the daytime and it was during the school holidays.

So. Please dont get annoyed if i bombard my facebook or twitter status about football matches–trust me, it’s only once every 4 years. Also, give me a break, it’s the ONLY sport i follow internationally since i was 13 years old,aside from badminton so i am not going to mince my words if i declare that i am very confident in saying my piece about a match.

P/s: Americans really suck at giving football analysis. Or soccer. Whatever.



  1. Irving Tan · June 13, 2010

    What team(s) are you backing this time around? =)

    For me, it’s the Three Lions through and through!!

  2. farahhanani · June 14, 2010

    I actually decide after all first games are played by each team ( Haha gile tak aci kan, because im more interested in the players playing well like abang gerrard, abang messi, abang fabregas..)

  3. nanue · June 17, 2010

    eh ehhhhhhhh, 1998 was my first time watching wc too! it was the final that introduced me to these awesome goons: ronaldo, roberto carlos, zidane, cafu, dida and in 2002, my dad bought the special edition magazine and had me hooked eversince. now everyone and their grandmothers watch wc. i don’t feel special anymore, and for some weird reasons, i chose not to rant about the matches at all because everyone else did. and strangely enough, you can tell if they’re newbies 😛 good thing you don’t sound like em newbies, farah. i can tell. plus, we can speak raul gonzalez. these newbies don’t.
    and yeah. sorry membebel tak pasal2. macam ter-annoyed dengan semua newbies2 haha wtfkrjghds.
    oh. btw, three lions ftw.

    • farahhanani · June 19, 2010

      yaaa the likes of Luis Figo, Raul Gonzales, Gabriel Batistuta. And the ridiculous Ronaldo haircut remember–all bald except some half moon hair at the front?(which everybody idiotically follow)

  4. Monica B · July 5, 2010

    Single greatest solo performance of a gentleman and an athlete in the history of the sport.


  5. shams · July 12, 2010

    Now that Spain has finally shed their famous underachiever tag, I am really hoping Holland would likewise shed their forever the bridesmaid tag. They had the distinction of being in three finals and lost them all. If you had not noticed Holland is very good at playing dirty and getting away with it. Check this Van Bommel guy, he kicked, elbowed, stomped and tripped so many players along this WC and most of the time he got away with it. Good that they lost,or else we have a team of thugs as world champion.

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