Summer music encore.

* this is yet another music post. Obviously, i have nothing else to do today*

OK  K .

Ok lets try do this. I envy you fellas who have the guts to write about matters related to the heart. I can’t do it without barfing, or so much cringing at myself. Doesn’t mean i don’t have any feelings, i do. I just need to work on my way of expressing it as freely as everybody does.

I am going to attempt the next best thing: post music that i absolutely adore RELATED to the deepest matters of the heart. Even though at this point, i cant really say i had fully experienced the trials and tribulations of the heart, but my God, the music. You know what type of songs they are.

Songs that you listen when curling up in a comforter, with a cup of peppermint tea, all the while closing your eyes and sigh because it GRIPS your heart.

Also, suggest me more if you know any one better, since i admit my music horizons is not exactly that wide and  these  are what i managed to accidentally bump into.

1. Norah Jones, “What Am I To You?”

2. Ray Lamontagne, “Within You”

3. Sheila On 7, “Ketidakwarasan Padaku”

4. In-Flight-Safety, ” Model Homes”

5.  Blind Pilot, – ” 3 Rounds And A Sound”

6. Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago”

7. And a selawat song by Nowseeheart. I love the whole album by Nowseeheart called “Koleksi Selawat”

… plus many many Jay Chou songs.   🙂

P/s: I used the word ‘heart’ 4 times in this post. It’s a start.



  1. Irving Tan · July 29, 2010

    You should do a full review of stuff like this 🙂

    Also I am wondering, do you listen to Arcade Fire by any chance?

    And I also haven’t heard of Ray Lamontagne. Is he French Canadian? I am intrigued 🙂

    • farahhanani · July 30, 2010


      I am not as accomplished as you to investigate the fine details of music. whatever suits my ear, i am A-OK with it.

      @ arcade fire: yes of course, i have two of their albums: ‘funeral’ and ‘neon bible. I’ never knew they were from montreal because i listen to them waaay back when i was still in high school. only coming here i knew. or rather, i dont wiki the people i listen to that much. 😛
      They are set to perform in OSHEAGA tomorrow (31st July). METRIC will be there too, you should come over 🙂

      @ R. Lamontagne : I havent got the slightest clue wether he is French Canadian or not LOL
      I just like his sounds (Ni geng geng Damien Rice, Norah Jones, Bon Iver, Joshua Radin,- folky, jazzy-ish sounds). I have his Gossip In the Grain album, although the song posted above is not from it . He is set to release a new album, i havent sampled that one yet.

  2. megat terawis · July 30, 2010

    I am curious on the Sheila on 7 choice. A bit quirky.

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