1 Quiz down, 1 Midterm down ( as of Friday, October 1st (i.e 011010) )


  • 2 quizzes ( and tri-weekly pre-class online quizzes)
  • 8 midterms
  • Indefinite amount of assignments.

All in the span of 2 and half months. Insanity Insanity Insanity-notincludingfinalsinsanitywhichcisanotherballgamealtogether.

The silver lining over all this is perhaps the absence of time consuming labs. Only MATLAB ( fun!) .

At this point, i value each and every individual on my right, left, centre, far, near who gave me relentless encouragements regardless of whether they mean it or not. They form an opposing force from this impeding black hole i’m this close to entering in. YOU ARE MY MAGNETS, YOU HEAR ME?

In all honesty, it is easier to work when you know someone else is confident in my abilities, when often enough, i myself question them.

This is tribute post for all the collective ” good lucks”, “all the best”, “break a leg”, and “may God help you” that i received.

Thank you for making me feel less miserable.

If i ever feel like buying you guys lunch, its a subtle signal that i finally win over midterms. Lets hope that happens soon InsyaAllah.


Now, back to keeping calm and carrying on…. (credits to Zaharina 🙂 )

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1. ‘As Tall as Cliffs’Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s

2. ‘Skeleton Key‘-Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s

P/s: This post is a compensation for the writer’s ineptness in displaying appreciation in both physical and open verbal sense.



  1. Irving Tan · October 4, 2010

    Yosh Farah! We love you! Keep going and keep it up! Bogel terus bogel! HAHA! XD

  2. farah · October 4, 2010

    Heartfelt thanks ving 🙂

  3. nanue · October 15, 2010

    Keep calm and and carry on aside, I didn’t feel belong while reading this. I hope I fit in after this —-> Good Luck, Farah!


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