Selamat Datang (Welcome)


Hello friends,

As a  former executive member of McGill’s Malaysian and Singaporean Association (MASSA) , i would like to encourage you to attend our annual event as a gesture of support:


These are some videos performances from last year’s edition(which i was personally involved in extensively)

*apologies for the bad quality*

Chinese fan dance:

Dikir barat:

Fashion show:

So, if you’re in town this March 5th, and want to experience epic South East Asian hospitality, please don’t hesitate to drop by. Remember, this event is a product of a nearly a year’s worth of planning and executing by a highly passionate group of people. During my days, it was one of those times i was very,very proud to see the chinese cooking rendang, indians parading the baju melayu , the malays playing the kompang. All of us worked hard to put this together (there wasn’t enough of us but we had help from friends from Carleton U, Queens and UNew Brunswick that all together lend the event an unmistakably festive i.e ‘kenduri’ air) . You’re definitely in for a treat 🙂

We welcome you again with big smiles and open heart.

P/s: yeah…thats me in the video trying very hard to maintain balance.


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