Reading week

Yet another music post.

I’m on a school break–an endangered luxury– and i still cant manage to procure legible sentences of fully formed ideas. I actually have a lot to say but writing needs love and full attention. I blame twitter for that. However,to inform my family and friends that i am still alive and well, below are some of listening stuff i came across this year, in between studying and thawing. Unlike my friend Irving (who by the way, writes sick music reviews, go check it out), i veer away from sorting my music via albums/artistes but by being objective to each individual songs and it’s merits. To each their own 🙂

Mumford & SonsThe Cave

I first introduced these Londoners back in 2009 (Little Lion Man). Now, their material is widely regarded as Grammy worthy, and they are mostly recognized by their trademark passion performing. A worthy revisit indeed.

AdeleRolling in The Deep

Granted, she is mainstream, that still doesn’t diminish her singing quality. If i may so inclined to be biased as i may claim that The X-Files is the best TV show of all time, one cant be helped but reserve a soft spot for her powerful renditions.

Freelance WhalesGenerator 1st Floor

If i may assert an authority and force which video one should watch, it’s this one. This is an example of why i like music, it’s because i can have an excercise of separating and breaking sounds into pieces. How does the guitar sounds like if its on standalone? What time does it come in? How many beats in? This video aids my excercise. This is also the reason why i lean towards small gigs and standup performance rather than large scale stage spectacle . I can see , right there, live, how the mechanics of the beautiful melodies are originating. Instruments propped up on furnitures, a tamborin on an uphosltery cushion, with natural room lighting where i can see each and every one’s goddamn face. Brilliant.

First into the video, a sweet entrance dddzzzzzzz buzzed in….and my head was scratching where? where? WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?

It’s coming out from the wooden briefcase (harmonium) .

Then you look at the tappings of their feet, counting them 1, 2, 3, 4.. and the guy playing the xylophone making imaginary taps. And throughout the song, he lifts his left hand a bit higher each time to simulate longer beats. One can also feel the intense coordination involved in the process, left hand doing something, right hand doing another, while seriously maintaining all five voices in harmonic decorum. All the while, still keeping within the beat. It’s oddly mesmerizing how much it demands me to sit up and pay attention. How fascinating that everything are in sync, almost hoping for a slip up so as to prove that this art is positively made by humans.

The ConstellationsLove is  A Murder

These guys are pretty new, their whole sound can be summarized as ” We’re having a good time , baby, come join in on the fun” 🙂

Florence and The MachineRabbit Heart

I couldnt quite decide which one i am most intrigued with, the bizarre music video or the ethereal voice.

So there you go, a little less diverse than usual, due to lack of explorations. If there are any good ones you would like to suggest, please drop a line. 🙂



  1. Irving Tan · March 10, 2011

    With descriptive skills like these, I’m expecting to see you on Sputnik by the end of next week. Are we clear on this?


  2. farahhanani · March 11, 2011

    There,there, it wouldnt be very nice of me to steal your limelight would i? Especially now that you’re clearly on the path of inevitable ascension 🙂

  3. Mark Skilling · September 20, 2011

    i looked at your site and found the freelance whales track, never heard of them before. best bans i have heard in years,

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