Spreading help

An acquaintance of mine has bipolar, and being a Muslim , she was dismayed at the lack of support and stigma (!) towards people with mental disorders around the Muslim diaspora. Then, she literally took matters in her own hands and came out with this:


I figured there isn’t much resources that is of this stature in Malaysia, especially regarding the lack of information on how to deal with mental illness in the Islamic perspective. The admin also hopes to bring out more in-closet Muslims with mental illness, in order to educate them in a continous effort of outlook change. The site explains the nature of  affliction in first-person accounts, and urges readers how to handle it while keeping the faith intact.

I am truly amazed with the amount of work she’s done and felt compelled to inform everybody about it’s existence. Besides, her health has tremendously improved since starting this initiative, as she connects and receives support from both other bipolar sufferers and fans alike.

Please spread this to any brothers and sisters you know who needed this 🙂

Cheers. Weather is absolutely fabulous!



  1. MorningWind · April 9, 2011

    Thank you Farah for sharing my blog.

    It really means a lot to me because you are helping me spread the truth about mental illnesses in the Muslim community.

    May Allah reward you!

    • farahhanani · April 9, 2011

      No problem darling. It’s the least i can do. You keep on the good work!

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