Big Bang

I will start with a confession.

Let it be no mistake, that i am of the opinion that humans can be left with their own devices without the conscience of God and still be a moral human being and a good person.

Let it be no mistake, despite that, i cannot imagine myself separated with the idea of the Creator. The very notion that religion is solely a tool for self policing is not only insulting, but rang hollow.  The God consciousness experience is far richer and sophisticated that it is quite a challenge to explain it . Personally, it acts like an anchor and a steerer as much as it works as a comforter. There is more clarity in life–that is for sure.

I was born in the religion, which i am so thankful for, but i only really ‘discovered’ it around 3 years ago or so. With time, indoctrination are very disenchanting and you start asking questions. When the digging process starts, there was no turning back. One thing for sure, the more one discover things, the more humbled you are at the magnitude of own’s illiteracy. I don’t know how people can arrogantly boast willy nilly that they are defenders of religion. Do they know what kind of characters and amount of knowledge that demands of people who call themselves vanguards of the faith?

Factors of attraction

I have talked extensively about The Book, which is one of the very fundamental reason, and also my start of investigation. I can enthuse lengthily for a series of post about how this Book got me gobsmacked but not today. (For curious readers go here to start:

Secondly, i like outdoors. It’s a place where I am constantly amazed, humbled and bewildered at the same time. Each time you look at the horizon of the sea, or some cool geological feature, i went bollocks running question by question in my head ” who did this?” , “why is it so hard to get there?”, “why is this so big?”, ” why is this different here and not there?”, “why everything supports each other?”, “why is our Earth have just the right distance from Sun?”, “Why does a comet conveniently choose land on Earth and made dinosaurs exist before humans exist?(not fair)” . A bunch of why’s running on loop , hoping somebody,–anybody– can answer. Of course, if you ever posed a question at a huge boulder of rock and ask ” Why are you so massive and streamlined and wonderful and have living organisms?”, you will get no answer. It drives me insane. You gotta ask yourself a couple of questions about the Earth and it’s too idealized condition for human living. Especially if you are in science, where getting idealized condition almost feels like an anti-thesis. Our universe is random, but random in a way that just works for us. I could never put a finger on it until i read this excerpt in an article which summarizes my whole query:

For the first time since the 1970’s, scientists have begun to recognize the fact that the whole physical balance of the universe is adjusted delicately in favor of human life. With the advance of research, it has been discovered that the physical, chemical and biological laws of the universe, basic forces such as gravity and electro-magnetism, the structure of atoms and elements are all ordered exactly as they have to be for human life. Western scientists have called this extraordinary design the “anthropic principle”. That is, every aspect of the universe is designed with a view to human life.

We may summarize the basics of the anthropic principle as follows:

  • The speed of the first expansion of the universe (the force of the Big Bang explosion) was exactly the velocity that it had to be. According to scientists’ calculations, if the expansion rate had differed from its actual value by more than one part in a billion billion, then the universe would either have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size or else have splattered in every direction in a way never to unite again. To put it another way, even at the first moment of the universe’s existence there was a fine calculation of the accuracy of a billion billionth.
  • The four physical forces in the universe (gravitational force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and electromagnetic force) are all at the necessary levels for an ordered universe to emerge and for life to exist. Even the tiniest variations in these forces (for example, one in 1039, or one in 1028; that is—crudely calculated—one in a billion billion billion billion), the universe would either be composed only of radiation or of no other element besides hydrogen.
  • There are many other delicate adjustments that make the earth ideal for human life: the size of the sun, its distance from the earth, the unique physical and chemical properties of water, the wavelength of the sun’s rays, the way that the earth’s atmosphere contains the gases necessary to allow respiration, or the Earth’s magnetic field being ideally suited to human life.
  • Source:

A lot of people can argue that i’m searching for reasons to back up my philosophy. That’s perfectly legit. All i can say is this: Knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing to not put in a fruit salad.

For the home party, maybe we can all relate to this:

 “We did not create heaven and earth and everything between them to no purpose. That is the opinion of those who disbelieve…” (Qur’an, 38: 27)

P/S: Have you thought about how important the fact that visible light have it’s current wavelength? If it wasn’t the case, we would have been cooked or radiated by now. Imagine if it had been at microwave’s wavelength? 🙂

P/S: To be super objective, can anybody lead me on to any counter argument of the anthropic principle? Just to see the other side of the argument.


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