The dua i made when i was travelling home (among other duas) wasn’t about my future, or my career, or even about a certain boy (lol). It was neither of the above, but it was very simple:

Make my transition from an avid Montrealer back to a KL-ite as painless and as positive as possible.

This was a matter of superior importance, because i see the potential of a hard struggle ahead. I am leaving not just a good place, but a certain group of people, whose role had been pivotal in improving my quality of life by great leaps and bounds.  l am leaving rare gems–the most genuine, sincere, best hearted sets of friends i have ever encountered in my whole life yet. People who had made a difference in my life, taught and benefited me so much. The type of friends who grew to be so important and dear to me, that i can say i am willing to make sacrifices for them without even  blinking, because they are up there in terms of quality. Just thinking about the very real possibility i wouldn’t see them again sets the tone for countless sleepless nights–weeks before i had to leave. I decided againts full fledge traveling  during my free time while waiting for graduation, so that i can spend as much as possible quality time with my friends. People who knew me well enough would know that there has to be strong reasons for me to choose something else over traveling. So i had to ask for some Divine help ( Had to. In the plane journey, i was a complete wreck lol)

So far, so good. Alhamdulillah. The following was a  chronology right after touching down:

1. My family remarked, “Why are you so thin?” Positive start.

2. My very first activity was Maghrib prayer in congregation at a mosque. The melodious sound of live athan after such a long time was very nostalgic.

3. Treating family for dinner of ayam penyet and bakso at some warung nearby my sister’s university. Dinner for 6 with drinks costs me a total of approximately 9 CAD. Unbelievable.

4.  Gifts opening for my family. As long as my mother is happy, i considered that day as a resounding success.

5. Breakfast date with the mother. I found out that she is very chatty, telling me things about practically everything. She must have not have a talking company for such a  long time.

6. Swimming date with the mother.

What is happening here?

Basically, Malaysia is charming me in it’s own way little by little in a short span of 24 hours. Theres the little things too, like waking up with a kitten under my bed. ( Neighbours. He likes to roam around other neighbour’s houses). And people really,genuinely work hard  to earn an honest living around here-from the warung operators to tukang sapu sampah. I also forgot there’s just so much greenery( although we could do better with improved air quality).

With the KL population standing at 2 million, i hope to encounter similar set of people that i have been blessed with here. That is my next mission.

Now if you would excuse me, i have to find where should the dishes go, because i truly don’t know.

Update: I found an electronic keyboard, an acoustic guitar, and a fixie bike in the house. Things are def getting better!


One comment

  1. Salam kak farah,

    I really enjoyed this short, simple yet sweet and meaningful post of yours. Thanks for sharing!


    May Allah SWT bless u always.


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