Adults Nowadays

Welcome to real life.

The life where upon a strike of a decision, you are fully accountable for i’s consequences and how it affects the people around you. This is where i’m still feeling my way around.

An occupational hazard, or power–depending on how you see it– is sometimes i yield the decision to award contracts.

I particularly detest to be in power to do this because one decision i make impacts hugely on another’s economic wellbeing. Simply put, whatever i decide, another fella’s ‘periuk nasi’ hangs in the balance.

This is highly problematic because i still don’t see myself fit to make decisions on how often landry shoud be done per week, let alone other peoples’ future. It is the most nervewracking thing ever.

To give a quick rundown: Decisions to award contracts are based on their pitch and performance. At least, to my bereft logic.

For example, several company compete for us to use their brand of walkie-talkie. The following will follow:

1. I greenlight a trial,save that testing costs will be 100% borne by them.
2. Based on their test’s performance, i decide which company i should award the contract.
3. Sometimes, i factor in other services; eg: do they cover repair/maintenance cost? technical support services?

Pretty simple right?

IF ONLY. When the human factor does weigh in things proceed quickly to become more complex. Frequent courtesy calls, lunch offers, gifts, poking at the boss, etc, quickly follows. The whole rigmarole is super uncomfortable–i hate being reminded that i am in charge of other’s boon (or bane).

Being in Bolehland, another question that i have to deal with each and every time from my superiors is:

Ini company Melayu ke?

SO WHATT, good sir, so what??
Can we all sit back and just revel at the concentration of bigotry contained in this question?

So what if the non Bumi companies performs wayy better than Bumi companies? ?(Sadly, this is often times true, and let me tell you it’s NOT the lack of amenities, or money, or technology–its just attitude, all things being equal. But i have complete faith there are great apples out there among these rotten ones)

Whatever happened to our good friend of the great world, merit?

Enter this question–it’s really hard to defend anymore because you know whatever arguments will all come to naught when the main concern is anything else but performance.

I had a contractor that had their contract terminated because they have ONE non-Bumi shareholder.
That company was my best contractor.
I was pissed all day the day i found out, frustrated at the injustice of it all and the inability to do anything about it.

Malaysia can’t keep going on at this rate–punishing people who do great work— we are wasting our potential to be a great nation.
To PERKASA’s ilk, –we fall behind not because we are pushed down, it’s because we are not willing to run.

In history, Islam had came to fix a similar nonsense. Social discrimination of any kind , be it based on status, skin colour , or money are pretty much obliterated in one sound hadeeth:

قال صلى الله عليه و سلم: ” لا فرق بين عربي و أعجمي إلا بالتقوى”.
Translation (in meaning) : the prophet -PBUH- said: “There is no difference between people except within there’s faith and their relationship with Allah.”***

We never learn.

I can regale you about another occupational hazard–deciding wether i should recommend subordinates for promotion but let’s save that for another bored day.

Moral is: Our great Khalifah Ar-Rashideen Saidina Abu Bakr R.A refused leadership for a good reason. It’s these things and more. You will be accountable for it here-and the life after.

***P/s: We muslims have a term for this: Taqwa .Taqwa comes from the root word ‘waqiya’, which means to protect.Taqwa is used to describe the performing of actions for protection , which please Allah (swt) and abstaining from those actions that displease Him (swt) that will in the end protect us from anything, really, in this life and the next InshaAllah (God willing). Taqwa, in essence, means God consciousness – being conscious of Allah (swt) in all our actions and affairs.



  1. Jaswir · April 6, 2013

    Thank you for this, Farah. If everyone lives in God Consciousness, how beautiful existence will be. One day soon perhaps! 🙂

    – Jaswir

    P.S.: You should come visit!

  2. theayasalah · April 7, 2013

    Can you translate “Ini company Melayu ke?” please 🙂

  3. megat terawis · April 20, 2013

    In the government we had volumes of guidelines on how to handle and award contracts. Maybe they are a bit shackling but at the end of the day if you follow the guidelines, your conscience is crystal clear when you made a decision. There are several sound reasons why contract are not awarded on merits alone. I can advise you on that. PERKASA and their ilks got noting to do with it. I am just advising you to be very carefully objective and stick to the written procedures. Things can get pretty nasty. May Allah bless you.Beware of the side offers. Innocent it may seemed, it can be deadly. I do not envy your position. People resort to all sorts of things to get contracts, legal or orherwise, straight or crooked even black magic. Be careful of your actions and words.

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