An honest reply

In the land of over-analysis, what nuances does a reply contain?

A) your interest (depth of answer/description)
B) your enthusiasm (lines of words)
C) your availability (promptness)
D) wether the person is important (promptness/returned follow up inquiries)

sometimes, a simple dinner question is just a litmus test.

“Hey, whats for dinner?”

You can’t really believe that’s just an honest inquiry about meals do you? It never is, in the history of time.

It is a gateway. We await the reply anxiously because the type of reply tells a lot things. Specifically, it is highly useful to gauge a person’s emotional aptitude on wether person on the other end is ready to continue and engage in more deeper conversations.
Like life, love, hopes and dreams for instance.

Good luck everyone and may we all pass the litmus test always inshaAllah taala.


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