Have courage and be kind.

These are my thoughts about Cinderella for this was a free-er weekend than usual. Apart from the movie mantra, there’s nothing really substantial about the Cinderella story, and i do not mince my words. Its’s all dandy and fair that the protagonist is dripping with the milk of human kindness, but i was hoping that the new installment will give enough punchy motivation on why on earth Lady-Tremaine (the ever excellent Cate Blanchett) is a colossal vessel of pure, unadulterated evil. Humans are not assholes singularly, they become one. Either through poor upbringing, life’s injustice or in most cases, mommy daddy problems which entirely contribute to the deprivation of love. The only improvisation of this refurbished premise is the black man as the Royal Guard. I have always been a fan of Kenneth Branagh because of  his eye for detail,wonder and general Shakespearean-ness in all of his work. As for the movie itself, it is too faithful to a fault. Everything feels like a rehearsed set frame by frame and followed to the dot. Not a problem if timid is your thing.

Cinderella part 2 Cinderella

Watch Frozen instead.That is one Disney movie that can make a full grown adult cry.


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