ECSE 211 (Design Principles and Methods)

McGill ECSE 211 Fall 2009 (Design  Principles and Methods) Robotics Competition
Team Indy “PrawnBot”
Round 1
Task: Navigate floor, find pallets and stack them at a specified drop off location while avoiding obstacles.

In this video, the robot localizes itself, navigate to drop off point and search for pallets from there. In 10 minutes, it managed to stack 2 pallets (the only robot that manages to stack any pallets at all in the 1st round). Could have got another pallet but the time was out. Nearly crashed into an obstacle at some point. Sorry for the bad video definition because i zoomed in at some points. Watch out for the winning move at 4: 50 onwardsThe movements in the beginning is the robot localizing itself : telling the robot to figure out that it is at coordinate (0,0). There is some great deal of effort involved to ensure its accuracy.

The team got first runner up, a big feat considering it is the only team using a singular NXT brick to complete the task instead of 2 NXT system like other teams.

Machine uses 1 LEGO NXT brick.
Programmed with LeJOS NXJ

Team members:
Stephane Beniak (Manager)
Salahuddin Masjedi ( Secretary)
Michael McGuigan
Intakhab Alam Zeeshan
Farah Hanani Shamsuddin
Azraf HIpni …

P/s: That voice was mine hoho



One comment

  1. Rahim Rahman · April 12, 2011

    This stuff is so cool!!
    I wish i could build my own robot to play with. ;p

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