Hi public.
The writer fancied herself to think that this is an exclusive ranting avenue for the sake of public amusement ( though the writer couldn’t care less if they’re not amused).

This is not her first domain, the writes first at friendster domain since end 0f 2005, and decided to move on because she… grows up.

The objective of the blogger blogging has been varied over the years. She started writing in 2005, starting with some little fun stuff, and then some loaded political stuff, with two pronged goals of  a) Improving her bad, bad  written English 2) She was young and 17, and thinking that it is very important that the general public listen to what she had to say. In 2006, the writer was offered a scholarship to do Electrical Engineering overseas by Yayasan Tenaga Nasional,a subsidiary organization of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), a major, or perhaps, the only utility company in Malaysia.

By that time, the idea of having a blog morphed to primarily update my families and friends all over the globe about my general well being without needing to constantly send mass emails. And Skype still makes her uncomfortable.

My father writes too, so that is convenient as well.

The writer now fancies herself a Quebecois, residing for now in Montreal, reading Electrical Engineering and attempting to do an Economics minor at McGill University . She immediately fell in love in Montreal, liking poutine and cursing the winter just like the locals.  Despite the french inclination, she is an in and out, a true KL-ite.

Here we go.




  1. sal-terkejut · December 29, 2007

    hanani!ur dad ada blog jugak?super duper cool! all hail to mr shamsuddin! wow! is this what they’ve called, ke mana tumpahnye kuah kalau tidak ke nasi? ahaks!

  2. farahhanani · December 29, 2007

    sal: wahwahwah. salwani my old friend. i’m also terkejut because you’re COMMENTING!! thanks for dropping by kawan.

  3. kak ina · February 20, 2008

    found ur blog through inanue
    nice nice 😉

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