One word meaning: Surah Ikhlas.

This is a video explaining the word ‘As-Samad’ ( in the short Surah Al-Ikhlas

Whole verse here with translation by Sahih International:

I’d like to start small with this verse because i personally find it’s a clear and concise verse. Basically the verse answers the question “Who is God?” in the Islamic tradition. In short, if i were to be asked who is Allah? I’ll point everybody to this verse.

This video will explain one word in a nearly 7 min commentary. It is not 1 min meaning and 6 min fluff. It is 7 min of legit material: the technical details, nuances of the word, it’s placing and why that word instead of other adjectives. Which is nice, because i’d  like to bring everybody’s attention on how the Quran in translation does not justify a lot of the richness and subtlety that is contained in the Arabic language used. A lot of the sophistication is lost when translated, and this is a good video explaining only one word in this verse to demonstrate that subtlety.

Pretty heavy i know, but this is one my goals in life,–to understand The Book better (a necessary venture if i’d like to genuinely call it as my lifeguide).

Safe to say, i’m really enjoying this venture a lot.


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